Christmas Around The World

Christmas is a wonderful holiday where friends and families get together and give out presents that are very meaningful to them. But, have you ever wondered are there any more people except us that celebrate Christmas? Well, as it turns out many people all around the world celebrate this wonderful holiday. However, they can be different than the ones we have here in America. Let me give you a quick rundown of how some countries celebrate Christmas.

In China they are fairly the same as what we do in America. But, there are some differences that make Christmas very different from them. The first thing they do that is different is that they are their Christmas tree that they hang up. Their trees in China are actually made out of plastic as it requires a lot less work to get as it stays greener longer than an actual tree. There are many kinds of declarations they use for the tree. They still use standard ornaments like the glass ball ornaments, but they also make paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns and places on the tree lamp.


Christmas in Denmark there are many kinds of calendars that are used. For example, the Kalenderlys is actually a calendar candle that most people in Denmark have. Then, there is the Pakkekalender which is a gift calendar that is a fun way to keep count until Christmas Eve. There are 24 small gifts that children can get, one for each day until Christmas Eve. Christmas Parties are being held from November 1st to Christmas Eve. They would make cakes, biscuits, Gingerbread Cookies and Vanilla GingerBread cookies.

Then, finally there is Bangladesh, Christmas (Borodin in Bengali) for them actually starts on the 25th and 0.3% of the population are actually Chrisitan. In big towns and cities, they would usually have a “western style” Christmas with fake snow and a Christmas Tree that lights up. In Bengali churches they would sing Christmas songs like “Aaj Shuvo Borodin Bhai, aaj shuvo Borodin” which means “Today is Happy Borodin, friend, today is Happy Borodin.” at the end they would have Christmas dinner called “Preeti-bhoj” to which they would make meals like chicken and vegetable curry served with rice or veggies. They would also make food for “Preeti-bhoj” like “Payesh” to which it is a rice pudding and “Rosogollar Payesh” that is Rasbhari dipped in rich milk payesh.