Top Artists of 2021

Starting the new year off we try and look at the positives that are coming on later in the year. Music is something that makes people day better and can change their mood. There are many new artists out there that are trying to make a change. Here are the list to some top artist to look forward too in the new year:

  1. Tayla Parx

    This artist is 27 years old and has been in the entertainment industry for a little over a decade. She has worked with Zac Efron and his performance of Hairspray. She has acted in Gilmore Girls and a classic show Victorious. She has received songwriting credits from Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and even Fifth Harmony. 

  2. Nija Charles

    This artist is from our very own New Jersey. She is 23 years old and was one of the several young Black musicians. Ninja has worked with Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga on their song “Rain on Me. Although she is often confused as an artist who would be in the R&B, and hip-hop genre due to her race, she can certainly right pop

  3. Teddy Geiger

    This artist is a 32 year old singer, songwriter and producer from Rochester, New York. When Teddy was only one year old she had already figured out how to use their record player, the cd player and VCR. Throughout the 2010s, she worked as a composer, songwriter and producer with the famous One Direction, Birdy and Icona pop. Teddy’s most famous achievement was with Shawn Mendes, following with a vine star with a viral Justin beiber cover. 

Hopefully, with these new and exciting artists we are able to make 2021 a new and improving year. I am looking forward to hearing some of their music in the Future.