3 Idiots Movie Review


Photo by Felix Mooneeram via Upsplash, a free photo sharing website


Ranked 62nd in IMDB’s “Top 100” films of all time, the movie 3 Idiots ranks above masterpieces such as The Shining, Good Will Hunting, and WALL-E (70, 84, 64 respectively). The film was made in Bollywood, the Indian version of Hollywood, so the film is in Hindi. The different language may not be understood by many in America but it should not be considered a flaw, rather it should be idolized and celebrated as it is one of the only films in the top 100 to be a language other than English.

In addition to many beautiful and scenic shots, the film’s narrative is charming and delightful. The story follows two friends, Raju and Fahran, who are trying to find their third friend, Rancho. On their journey around India, they retell how they were in a top engineering school in India, how they met Rancho, and the many events that led up to them being friends including all of the drama and craziness that followed. They articulate the multitude of stories that surround them and the not-so-nice principal who was consistently threatening them with expulsion. Furthermore, they explain the many personal hardships that they went through with their families. The film tells all of these stories with a comedic approach to lighten the mood to portray normally dark events. 

The narrative also does a great job at character building and the way that each character grows is natural and not rushed or dawdled. Many of the characters learn to stand up to their parents who are forcing them into a life that they don’t want, and others are learning to accept losses and not to worry about everything.

The film does many great things in a short 2 and a half hours being that 3 Idiots fits in events that cover more than four years. In addition, the movie makes time go by fast but simultaneously feels like the movie takes a long time to go through each event. This paradox adds to the charm of the movie and leaves you wanting more.

Moreover, the film addresses many different problems in the education system, such as students learning just to pass a test and not to actually learn and grow, and how students that memorize lessons will never be able to be as successful as those who actually comprehend them. In order to send this message of learning to learn, the film sets up many different situations where viewers can clearly compare those who are merely memorizing and those who are learning. The film also addresses the mental stressors that come with being a student, and depicts two different suicides. Though these dark and unpleasant events are embedded in the film, it should not be a roadblock, instead it should be seen as reality. The story does a good job on entrancing the viewers, conveying mental health checks, and showing the hardships of being a student who has pressures from parents and teachers. This awareness is something that many films don’t take into consideration. Additionally, keep in mind that this movie was released in 2009, even before mental health was considered a true pandemic.

Although there are many pro’s to 3 Idiots, there are also some cons to the movie. For example there are 2-3 dance numbers that are cringey and at times annoying and disturbing, but this is the only flaw in a sea of benefits. This movie is extremely funny and heartwarming and is a must see. That being said, do whatever it takes to enjoy this movie, whether you dub it or read the captions,  WATCH it!