#1 Netflix Show: Squid Game


By Leanna Salame, Staff Writer

Squid Game is a Korean Thriller/Drama that demonstrates the frustration of the economic society that we live in. The plot is basically about a man who has a big debt to pay off. He is struggling with money, he doesn’t have a job, and his daughter is slowly being pulled away from him. Trying to figure out a way to get his life together, Seong Gi-hun meets a man who wants to play a game with him. The reward for Gi-hun was money, but the reward for the other man was getting to slap Gi-hun in the face after each loss. 

After playing this game, Gi-hun is given a card with a phone number on it. The mysterious man tells him that if he wants to play more games like the one he just did, then he should call the number. Gi-hun calls the number and signs up to play the game. Upon arrival at the campsite, Gi hun sees nearly 500 other people who want to play the same game. A common theme for the games is that they are child’s play, such as “Red Light, Green Light.” Not long after, the contestants are given very specific instructions on how to play and are asked to sign a contract. After the first game, the contestants discover that these games are really life or death, and must fight with everything they have, to not only make it out alive but also to win the ginormous cash prize that goes to the winner.