Ongoing and Upcoming Tours


Image by Krishna Patel

Last year, many tours were canceled as a result of the pandemic. However, this year many artists have started back up their touring schedules (with proper precautions in place, of course). Listed below are just some of the noteworthy ongoing and upcoming tours.

  • CHASE ATLANTIC is a rock band that has recently gained a lot of popularity through TikTok. Readers may recognize hits such as “Friends,” “Into It,” or “Swim.” About four months after the release of their album Beauty in Death, the band announced their tour, which began this October. The Beauty in Death tour is still ongoing and set to have its last show in Toronto, Canada on November 17th. Their show in Montclair, NJ had already passed, but fans are encouraged to still try to get tickets for upcoming shows, if possible.
  • Harry Styles is currently on tour; his last show will be in Los Angeles, CA on November 20th. So far, his shows have all been extremely enjoyable and filled with positive energy by him and his fans. His tour, Love on Tour, has been a huge success thus far, and when fans can’t make it to a show, they are certainly watching videos and supporting him through social media. 
  • Finneas, whom many are familiar with as a producer for various big artists (namely his sister, Billie Eilish) is currently on tour with Marinelli. Optimist, named after his recently dropped album, has its last show on November 21st in Toronto, Canada. Finneas is working to bring awareness to many worldwide problems with his music. Those who cannot make it to a show should still give the album a listen!
  • Clinton Cane is a smaller artist who only started gaining popularity very recently. His short tour– with only 13 shows– sold out within 2 minutes of the tickets going on sale. This first headline tour of his starts on November 28th in San Diego, CA, and is expected to be filled with lots of joy and support from his heart-warming and heart-wrenching songs. 
  • Billie Eilish, whose Where Do We Go? world tour was canceled after three shows due to the pandemic, is back with her Happier Than Ever tour, which will kick off in New Orleans on February 3rd, 2022. This tour is highly anticipated, especially by fans who had tickets to the canceled shows last year. Happier Than Ever is a completely new era for Eilish, and many fans are extremely excited and curious to see what it will bring. 


Tours bring about a lot of excitement, but one should remember to double-check safety conditions as many shows require masks for entry and vaccination cards or negative test results. Safety should always remain a number one priority!