Omicron Variant


COVID-19 has been around for a while now, and, with it, several variants have formed, including the Delta variant.

However, recently, a new one was discovered: the Omicron. The Omicron variant is a form of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This variant was first reported in South Africa on November 24, 2021. One of the worst things about it is that even vaccinated people are not protected. Due to this issue, fear and paranoia have spread and COVID-19 cases have risen to approximately 4,000 cases a day– the same as April 2020, which was one of the worst months when the pandemic first hit. 

To fix this problem, more people are getting vaccinated to protect both themselves and others as more mutations form and the unknowing end of the pandemic. As cases rise and worsen, people are wondering whether schools should return to remote learning or continue in-person.