Top News Stories of 2021

Photo by MF3d via Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Photo by MF3d via Unsplash

By Claudia Ray, Staff Writer

As we approach the end of 2021, I have found it interesting to recap all of the interesting events that took place around our world this year. Starting on January 6th, there was an unprecedented attack on the US Capitol building in Washington DC. Former President Donald Trump’s followers gathered at the steps as some announced threats to those inside the building. Unfortunately, some supporters were able to step foot into the building and got closer to reaching their target than others were. As a result, there were officially announced four deceased. Just nearly 2 weeks or 14 days later, Joe Biden was sworn in as the current President of the United States. During his first days into presidency, he discussed the challenges that he will later face, and made a promise to unite the country.

Moving on to the next month, and more delightful news, even the Superbowl! The greatest of all time, Tom Brady took on the newest MVP Patrick Mahomes, and secured his victory as a Buccaneer. As the months move on Americans have received news that COVID-19 vaccines are not out to get. This resulted in a decrease in cases for those that tested positive. And on May 25th, Derek Chauvin was proven guilty on all counts for the killing of George Floyd.

Driving around your town, you might have noticed the gas prices were increasing rapidly. The basic reason behind this was the supply shortage caused by bottlenecks in the supply chain. The average price per gallon was up a dollar compared to October 2020. Another shocker in the news was when a very famous rapper, Travis Scott, had a falling out in his music career as many were pronounced dead at his concert. There were signs of injured people, yet no one did anything about it and he continued his show. Ending the year off on December 1st, due to the opened fire in Michigan at Oxford High School, several students were killed as well as others wounded including teachers.  

We hope there are more positive stories on the News channels the rest of 2021 as we move on to another new year.