My Experience with Lunar New Year 2022


Image by Angela Roma via Pexels

By Brandon Lu, Staff Writer

Lunar New Year 2022 has passed, and it seems just yesterday when it happened. 

When my family came over, it was during the school day, so we couldn’t spend a whole lot of time together. I also had clubs to attend after school, so I showed up later than everyone else. Our relatives were delighted to see me, and they all ran up to give me red envelopes. Although I did get a lot of the red envelopes, which contained quite the amount of money, they were split between my sister and me in the end. I wasn’t able to hang out with my family (due to the amount of homework I was assigned), but, finally, we sat down in my kitchen to eat dinner together. It was really nice to have everyone sitting around the table, spending time together, as we are all just one big family. Although I had wished it could have been longer, everyone had to leave because there was school tomorrow, which was sorrowful. Yet, at the end of the day, it was wonderful to see my relatives again, which is one of the reasons why Lunar New Year is my favorite holiday.