Boro Fights Cancer


Image by Angiola Harry via Unsplash

Boro Fights Cancer (BFC) raises money to help fight cancer on several occasions throughout the year through fundraisers such as selling socks, shirts, stickers, and masks. BFC is a strong club at the FHS because of its constant efforts to help fight against cancer, support treatments, and boost funds towards research. 

Currently, BFC is selling lanyards for $5, and come in blue or pink. Each item sold will help make a difference, as profits go towards funding cancer research. The lanyards can showcase your Boro pride, devotion to the cause, and add color to any set of keys. Newly licensed drivers can buy a Boro Fights Cancer lanyard to keep their keys handy, and Boro students can attach their student ID’s to the lanyard and make sure it is always on hand. 

The fight against cancer is a long one, but every individual can make a difference. The fundraising of Boro Fights Cancer has been a pillar of the Freehold Boro community, supporting the morale of the students while also providing funds to such an important cause. Your small donation can change the lives of so many, supporting the fight against cancer will always be worthwhile. Look out for members of BFC and buy a lanyard for $5!

Go Boro!