The Smurfs of Freehold High School


Smurf Mountain at FHS (image by Hanah Li)

They’re there.

Through the harsh winds, they’re there. Through the cold rain, they’re there. Through the great storm, through the sweltering summer heat, through the thickest fog– through every kind of weather, they’re there.

Truly, one of the most fascinating wonders of Freehold Boro. You can find them on display in the courtyard between the A-wing basement and Grand Central. Perhaps wave “Hi!” to them the next time you pass by the window. They’re hiked upon a mountain of rocks, surrounded by gravel. A blue figure with a farmer’s hat and rake in hand poses on the uppermost stone. An American flag is planted between the cracks beneath him, blowing against the wind. Another blue figure, just below the flag, stands in front and holds a mirror in one hand and a thumbs-up in the other. At first, it was just the two of them, but one day, a new comrade joined them: a small figure with a pointy red hat and a scruffy, white beard. 

Who are these mysterious figures that dwell in the small courtyard of Freehold High School? Why are they there? How did they get there? Where did the gnome come from?! WHO FIXED THE BROKEN FLAG?! So many questions! 

“What in the world is this article talking about?!” you may ask.

Why, the Smurfs (and gnome!) of Freehold High School, of course!

Rumor has it that they invaded the courtyard one night and built this pile of mighty rocks to exhibit their dominion over the school. Others say that they simply traveled through a vortex from their village to this world, but landed at Freehold High School instead of New York City. Uncertain about this new world and where to go, they decided to stay here rather than venture off to a new location.

But these stories are just nonsense– nothing but waste to the mouth and ears. The true tale behind Smurf Mountain is a beautiful one; yet, so unknown to the students of Freehold Boro…

Smurf Mountain in September 2021. Notice how there was no gnome… (image by Hanah Li)

Until now.

There was once a special education student at Freehold High School who was very fond of Smurfs. A custodian had compassion for the student, and decided to build the Smurf monument so that each time the student looked out or passed by the courtyard window, they would be delighted by the sight! What joy it was to witness the smile on the student’s face! The explanation for the sudden appearance of the gnome, however, is unknown (or rather, “un-GNOME”)– only another mystery yet to be uncovered and solved!

Be sure to remember and share this touching and remarkable story as you pass by the Smurfs near the A-wing basement. Perhaps give them a wave or salute for their incredible service and endurance through every kind of weather (seriously, how have they survived?!).