Big Events at the Boro!


Photo by Rushina Morrison via Unsplash

By Olivia Edmonds, Staff Writer

Many big things are happening at Freehold Boro right now! The gymnastics team beat Colts Neck for the first time in 6 years on Tuesday, October 11th. Student Council is preparing for the first homecoming parade and dance since before the Covid outbreak. 

The gymnastics team defeated Colts Neck 106.925 – 106.225. Colts Neck is a very skilled and dominant team – yet this time around Boro was able to come through with a close win. Top scorers Jamarie Saravia, Camilla Hobart, and Maddie Ho led the team to victory. It was a really important win for the Colonials as Colts Neck is the 7th ranked team in the state. Cami Hobart says “We have a really good group of girls and we work well together! I couldn’t be more excited over our win on Tuesday!”

As for Student Council, they’re working hard on homecoming at the moment. It is arguably one of the school year’s biggest events at Freehold Boro. The last traditional homecoming was 3 years ago in 2019. It’s expected that there will be a very large turnout this year, and Student Council has been hard at work trying to make this homecoming memorable. Tickets are 6 dollars and on sale at lunch up until Monday, October 17th. 

The gymnastics team is exciting to watch! And the Student Council is hard at work to make every student’s high school experience better!