The Best New Artists of 2022


Photo by Vishnu R Nair via Pexels

Pop: Olivia Rodrigo

Born in California, Olivia Rodrigo is an American singer/actress who began her career with several starring roles in Disney shows – such as “High School Musical: The Musical” and “Bizaardvark”. As the young star grew older, she began expanding into the music industry by releasing her first album “Sour” in January 2021. Ever since the release of the album she has been a viral sensation, appearing on many talk shows, interviews, new articles, and more. She has received various prestigious recognitions including multiple Grammy awards, multiple MTV awards, and many more! Olivia is just at the beginning of her music career and there is much more that we will get from this rising star.


Hip Hop / R&B: Baby Keem

Hykeem Jaamal Carter Jr., known famously as Baby Keem, made it big for himself in the music industry after his release of the social media hit “Orange Soda”. Baby Keem has been and continues to be a hard-working artist by always believing in his music and always pushing to release more of it. He has worked with various big names in the hip hop and R&B industry such as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and many others. He has won many awards for his work and has appeared on many interviews. He has released many hit albums and singles such as “The Melodic Blue”, “Family Ties”, “The Sound of Bad Habit”, and much more.


Alternative / Indie: Glass Animals

Glass Animals is an up-and-coming band composed of Daved Baley, Joe Seaward, Drew MacFarLane, and Edmund Irwin-Singer. They blew up on social media with their hit song “Heat Waves”, and have since accumulated a massive fan base. Their eagerness to play around with so many different genres of music has made a significant statement in the industry as well. Glass Animals have won many awards for their music and continue to do so.