Black Saint: Chapter 6 – Reunion

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“Brenna?” Galahad whispered as the world around him became silent.

“Hello. I am truly sorry if I startled you; however, I cannot be seen unless I enter a foggy area. This ghostly form has prohibited me from certain actions.”

“I-I thought you died…” Galahad murmured.

The fog became thicker and thicker, but concomitantly, Brenna started to become more visible. Her body had started to form as she consumed the fog that drifted around her. Eventually, she had turned opaque.

“Brenna, it has been forever. Last time I saw you, well, it was when the raiders attacked. They captured you, I thought they would have killed you for sure. How did you escape? I cannot think of a single outcome where that is possible,” asked Galahad.

“Funny enough, and you probably will not believe this, a kid in a black robe saved me. He had a red spear in his hand, it looked magical. It glowed bright, and it chopped through the raiders with ease. His eyes were seductive, and his hair was curled down. When I grabbed his hand, it was so soft. I felt a feeling of calm when I was with him. He took me to an underground hideout, and he called it the Spearow.”

“The Spearow?” Galahad asked.

“I know you will not believe me, but it is true,” Brenna stated, misinterpreting Galahad. “But we had a strong bond. He taught me how to use a spear, and he was good at teaching too. Over time, after countless hours of training, I started to catch feelings for him. We were training buddies for as long as I can remember, and finally, after years in the Spearow, we went on our first major mission. Unknowingly, that would be my last.”

“Hold it there. You need to slow down if you want me to understand. You are saying that you were saved by a kid, you were taken to a hidden underground area, they called it the Spearow, you fell in love, now we skip a couple of years and you are going on a major mission?” asked Galahad.

“Right on. We weren’t the strongest members of the Spearow, however in the Spearow, most die to get taken in. But I had not died, and that is because I was told I was special. You also cannot choose if you want to do it or not, your body will choose itself.”

“Yes, I am aware,” Galahad blurted.

“You know of the Spearow?”

“Funny enough, I am in the Spearow,” Galahad answered.

“Galahad? You, the one who works at the stables? Not to make fun of you, but a scrawny boy like you would be an interesting addition to it,”

“Exactly what I told myself. But just like you were, I am alive as well,” mentioned Galahad.

“Well, then you should know that since I hadn’t died, I was vulnerable to pain, along with Wallace. On our major mission to grab the Crystal Of Chaos, Wallace had stepped on a pressure plate that he hadn’t spotted on his scouting of the area beforehand. Collapsing spikes came falling from above us, or to be more specific, above Wallace. I cared too much about him, and at that time I felt that the only way to save him was to push him out of the way. I shoved Wallace away from the spikes trajectory, but my momentum carried me under into his position instead and the sharp ends of the spikes impaled me. I avoided death, but I was bleeding too heavily to advance any further. Wallace trod over to me and attempted to lift me, but time was precious and I would only have slowed him down. Even if Wallace were able to slay the guards, the king would be alerted and the mission would not be so secretive anymore,” Brenna explained.

“If the whole point of the Spearow is being secretive and never leaving a stain of evidence, if he had saved you and ran, would he have been killed from treason among the Spearow?” Galahad wondered.

“I am unsure, but I knew that he had to leave. Since I could go as any other human with a tattoo on my back, it would be as if I were any other thief if they found me. Wallace wept, he wept for minutes. He knew time was being wasted, but he couldn’t move on. I could not stand it any longer, so I whispered for him to go, and that I always had a place in my heart for him. He squeezed my hand, held it against my forehead, then took off. I smiled, but that was the last thing I remember.”

“That was… dark. I did not realize that any of that could have happened. Wallace says that your name shall not be mentioned around him, even Foyer acknowledged. Why did you not come to visit me?” Galahad questioned.

“You must be new, I fully understand. I was a part of the Red Death Elite Three, the highest-ranked squad. My team consisted of me, Wallace, and Morana. We weren’t allowed to leave, that is why.”

“Wait, I know that name. Tania mentioned her, she said that she was trained by her,” Galahad stated.

“Morana was an amazing crossbow wielder, no one could argue that her skills were ranked the best. This girl named Tania must be amazing as well. However, let us not drift away from important things. This form cannot stay for very long, and I am sad to leave so soon. When Wallace did leave me in the castle, a blurry figure of metal stood in front of me with a golden sword, I did not know who it was. That was the person who finished me off.”

“I promise to avenge you,” swore Galahad.

“Oh, that was years ago. I doubt they are still alive, but their aura was something I hadn’t felt from someone in all my time alive. After I died, I was transported into a void of nothing. Everything around me was white, and it was peaceful in its own way. The gates of heaven and hell aren’t exactly as envisioned, but it is similar. Heaven was more green than white and gold, and hell was gray instead of red. A being with wings and horns stood in front of two pits. He looked at me dead in the eyes and his expression changed. They informed me that I was the first Spearow member in over one hundred years to die. He notified me that my way was to hell, but he wished me a good afterlife. I took a long look through the pit, but all I saw was gray fog. With no hesitation, I descended the pit. The more I fell, the more I felt a part of the gray fog. Then, I became one with it. Now I traverse places where fog is, that is my life in hell.”

“Have you found anyone you know? Besides me, of course,” Galahad inquired.

“Not yet, but my time here is running out. I am happy that we had this little reunion, it has been a long time. I hope to see you again.”

Brenna started to diminish back into the fog, and Galahad was left isolated in the middle of the foggy arena. At that point in time, there was nothing that could be seen through the thick fog.

“Hello?” Galahad cried out.

There was no response, and Galahad felt like everyone had left. Meanwhile, Tania and Wallace were in a clearing of the fog, trying to look through it. It was too thick, so they decided to go in the direction of the wall.

“Tania Westerfall. Uses a crossbow called Black String, part of the Spearow. Mom died at a young age, tragic. Father was a fisherman, lived on the docks of Rhinestone. Raiders invaded your home, family died. Washed up on the beach, taken in by a woman named Morana. Very highly trained, currently part of the Red Death Elite Three, the strongest team in the Spearow. Wallace Eastenwod, uses a red spear, also part of the Spearow. Parents unknown, loves to be stealthy and quiet. When it comes to talking, he’s always loud. Part of the Blue Elite Death Six, the rank below the Red Death Elite Three. You had a crush on a girl named Brenna, later confirmed before her death that she had feelings for you as well, that must be hard to live with. Found in an alleyway, you were saved by a man named Foyer, currently the leader of the Spearow. Now you are in the position as his servant.”

Wallace and Tania both halt still with their eyes wide open, trembling in fear. They couldn’t interpret where the voice came from, unaware that the figure was perched right behind them. Wallace gazed to his right to observe two shadows cowering over them. Wallace put his hand on the floor and began to merge into the shadows without taking a glance back. Tania analyzed the situation, then she began to construct a plan.

“Tsk-tsk,” one of the figures said as they waved their pointer finger. “Thinking is the same as talking, isn’t it? I hoped you would know.”

Tania’s expression became more petrified. She knew what had to be done, however, she did not know if she was ready to do it.

Is… that a boulder in the air? It is coming straight at them! This is my chance to strike, as long as they do not realize that the boulder is behind them, then they shall get hit and I will be able to make my move, Tania thought.

Both of the figures turn around as they read Tania’s thoughts, but there was no boulder insight.

“Oh, you little sh-”

“Looks like someone underestimated me, too bad you will not get another chance.”

Tania shot her black bolt from Black String that ripped right through the figure’s face. The scream from the other figure echoed from the foggy arena. Blood splattered throughout the floor and onto Tania and the other figure. But then, the figure’s cry had turned into a maniacal laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Tania asked as she pointed her crossbow towards the figure.

“Look! Look! Haha!” the figure said, pointing to the one who got shot.

Tania was apprehensive as it could be a trick that she had just pulled out, but she was still willing to take the risk. She was already suspicious of how they knew who she was, so she decided to take a glance, but she couldn’t stop looking after what she noticed.

“Do you see? Do you? Do you really? Ha! It is a fake! A fake I tell you! It is just paint! Paint! See? Red paint! Ha! He switched out! Too fast! Master, master too fast!”

Instead of seeing the blasted head of the Imperium Secrotis, Tania was staring at a broken can of paint. The red paint was dripping down the side, hanging from a branch from a tree.
“Why won’t you just shut up!” Tania screamed.

Her anger that built up inside her from all this time suddenly burst out. Black fragments began to cover her body like armor, and Black String began to recast into glass. Her fragmented armor had red boots fused to the bottom, emphasizing her incredible speed. Her head was covered in a black helmet with horns. She had spikes pointing outwards from her shoulders. The rocky-like texture of the armor allowed for high defense and agility. You could sense the rage just from a glance at her.

“Glass Cannon!” Tania announced.

Black String began to charge up into a particle blast, ready to decimate the Imperium Secrotis. The tip of the bolt had black particles revolving around it.

“Ooo! This is getting good! Very good! Too bad, very sad, you are about to die to the legendary Accad! Ha!”

Tania focused her crossbow towards the ground under Accad and got ready to discharge the particle explosion.

“Oh? The ground is not the enemy!” Accad said, putting his hand up to her face. “Look up! I am here! Shoot me!”

The black particles that revolved around the end of the bolt started to change colors. From black to red, from red to green, then all of a sudden, developing into a rainbow spiral.

“Glass Cannon, Rainbow Thrasher!”

The rainbow bolt soared through the air towards the ground under Accad.

“Hmph. You might be getting me serious. No worries! I don’t have to do anything! Ha! I love it!”

Wallace, now, Tania thought.

“Oh? Oh! That one! I wonder where he has gone! It does not matter to me, considering we did not come for him. We came for you! You! Ha! You are special Tania! Even so, you don’t think much. No no no, as far as I am concerned, you created no plan with Wallace! I am worry-free!” Accad bellowed.

However, right before the bolt was about to hit the ground, Acaad summoned a large, gray bubble around him. Simultaneously, Wallace slightly emerged from the ground and grabbed the bolt.

“Hm? What is this? Where did he come from? Ah! It can’t be! A shadow walker! Oh so rare! Rare it really is! This just got a lot more interesting…” Accad mused.

Wallace directed the bolt around Accad, looking for a weak spot. However, even after circling him, he couldn’t find one. The bubble was too sturdy and compact, making it incredibly durable.

“Wallace! Retreat!” commanded Tania.

Wallace turned over to Tania and nodded, but as he was about to go back under into the shadow realm, the other member of the Imperium Scouts had appeared, giving Wallace a second chance to use it on him.

“Take this!” yelled Wallace.

He threw the bolt directly at the second member, exploding on impact. Tania quickly dashed away and Wallace had merged back into a shadow. Accad was protected by his bubble, but the second member was hit directly. The explosion of rainbow particles consumed the area around them.

“What was that! Did anyone see that? A random explosion of rainbow had emerged from a random point in the arena! Could this be magic?” announced the announcer.

Meanwhile, Galahad was still blindly searching through the fog, trying to find his way out. The tournament only ended when there was one kingdom left, but it had to be confirmed. This rule usually wasn’t that big of a deal, however, if the fog kept on rising like how it was, there would be trouble confirming the death of the other three kingdoms.

“I like the way you think! But your thoughts, they are wrong! Ha! Very wrong! You think master is gone! You think! Ha! Look! Look again! Look closely! Do what you can and look!” Accad screamed in a minacle tone.

Wallace emerged from the ground beside Tania. They both were looking at the explosion with debris, smoke, and fog covering the aftermath. Suddenly, a figure appeared from the smoke, unharmed from the explosion.

“I feel I haven’t thoroughly introduced myself, I am Wolf Severin, commander of the Imperium Secrotis. You do not understand how many years I have been waiting for someone like you to show up. My assistant and I have dominated this tournament, and ever since we started, we have never lost once. We started fifty years ago for your knowledge, and I started when I was twenty. It was getting boring, and we were honestly getting ready to leave. My assistant wasn’t much of a fighter, he was mostly a healer. But now I have hope. Now that I have seen people like you, I can smile again. But I do not hold back, so be prepared,” Wolf warned.

Wolf had a large white beard that grew down to his neck. He wore sandals that looked like they were just bought. He had a raggedy shirt on, making him seem like a homeless beggar. However, he had won millions of coins for his kingdom, and he shared fifty percent of the earnings.

“There are no rules in the arena. Besides no magic, but the fog I created was able to block it all, so I guess there aren’t any rules anymore. There is no countdown, no tap out, no break. Last one standing, good luck,” Wolf smirked.

This is it, Wallace, we have to go all-in, Tania thought.

I know. Let’s do this, Wallace answered.

Wallace summoned a long, red spear. The tip was tinted blue, as that seemed to be the case with most weapons from the Spearow. Tania glanced at Black String, seeing a crack that wasn’t there before. That was the downside of Glass Cannon. After every powerful shot, it slowly cracks Black String. This is only the case when Tania is in her first magic state, Glass Cannon. Meanwhile, Accad had whipped out another booze and started to chug.

“Ooo! This wonderful booze running down my throat gives me the chills! I feel refreshed! Now, come at me! Come! Haha!”

This drunk guy is a maniac, how much worse can this get. I am going to make sure he gets what he deserves, Tania thought.

“You will regret thinking that!” Accad responded, reading Tania’s mind.

Wallace closed his eyes and started to focus on his mind.

“Hmm, you are not thinking. You have cleared all your thoughts, preventing us from reading it. But, I don’t need an advantage like that. I am part of the Spearow after all, so reading minds is just a passive gift for me.”

“The Spearow? Of course, that is how you read our minds. Cannot say I am surprised, but it surely did clear things up. Now let’s get this on, shall we?” Tania stated, confident in her skills.

“So be it.”

As Tania was about to plunge off the ground, Galahad trudged straight into the middle of the battlefield.

“Galahad! Watch out!” Wallace screamed, striving to seek his attention.

“Huh?” Galahad responded, turning around only to see Tania and Wallace in a position to strike.

“What’s going on h-”

A large black chain wrapped around Galahad’s waist, tugging him towards Wolf and Accad. He tried to get his footing down, but he could not quite reach the ground.

“Come here, boy. I don’t know how you are still in this arena but I don’t like the look on your worthless face. Now die so I can focus on the enemies at hand,” Wolf stated.

“I am your enemy!”

“Nonsense. I don’t sense anything but fear from you. Accad, finish him off, will you?”

Galahad plummeted into the arena wall, spitting out blood. Accad slowly made his way towards Galahad, pulling out another booze to chug.

Best to just finish him quickly to not disappoint master, Accad thought.

“Not quick enough,” Galahad said, struggling to get up.

Accad was still staring at Galahad, then burst out laughing.

“You can read minds? You? Ha! Oh, this one is funny! I don’t think you are going to escape me. No matter how quick. I am faster, faster I tell you! Ha!” Accad explained.

However, after just a mere blink from Accad, Galahad was gone.

“Teleportation?” Wolf pointed out, tensing up.

Accad had lost his excited and fun demeanor, and his face had gone silent. He swore that he had just had his eyes on Galahad, but just a blink later and he was gone. He pinched himself and rubbed his eyes, but Galahad was gone. Before he knew it, Accad felt a second of pain that he had never felt in his life, then a peaceful state from which he could not break free. His eyes slowly shut, and he fell to the ground. Three bottles of booze came falling from his jacket and shattered all over the ground. Blood mixed with liquor-filled the floor of the arena.

“Accad!” Wolf screamed.

“Tsk-Tsk,” Wallace said, copying what they had said earlier. “I think I sense something, is it fear? Oh wait, I think it is! Life is so precious, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you will see Accad again very soon.”

“Hmph. I only met Accad before this tournament, coincidently he was part of the Spearow as well. Since I was banished, there was a spy on me. That turned out to be this maniac named Accad. A tremendous blast had killed off my teammate, but he wasn’t very good. Lucky for you, I’m still here. A situation like this doesn’t scare me, I think what you sense is coming from you,” Wolf responded. “As for you, Tania. You are fast, but are you fast enough?”

In an instant, Wolf had switched places with Wallace, creating a sense of tension around the arena that even the spectators felt without even seeing what was going on.

“Now see here, Tania. What you did was impressive. You moved so fast that you were able to move Galahad to a safe spot and get into position to blast Accad through the back of the head. Even I was not ready, howe-”

Blah blah blah, what an annoying guy. He’d better shut his mouth before I beat him to a pulp, Tania thought.

“That is a bit vulgar, don’t you think?” Wolf blurted.

But Tania could not bear Wolf’s dreary speech any longer, so she decided to take it upon herself to save Wallace. She charged up Black String and was ready to perform her second move, Tracking Bolt.

“Glass Cannon, Tracking Bolt!”

The tip of her bolt started to blink red, then it went piercing through the air. Wolf teleported a bit to the right, then laughed.

“Ha! A puny bolt with a cool design won’t do anything. I will show you my true power,” Wolf stated.

“Before that, how about you take another look?”

Wolf glanced behind him, only to see the bolt coming straight towards him. He then proceeded to teleport back to his previous spot and giggled again.

“Thanks for the heads up.”

“Don’t worry about it. I made sure that it didn’t help you,” Tania replied calmly.

Wolf began to glow white, his body lifting off the ground. He raised his hands, then two chains broke out from underneath Tania. They tried to wrap around Tania, however, her armor was too strong to squeeze and broke through the chains. He sent two more chains from his hands towards Tania, but Wallace got in front and blocked them with his spear.

“Behold, my baby Abigail. She is delicate but ruthless. Beware.” Wallace stated, tightening his grip on his spear.

“You named your spear Abigail? You are such a baby. Someone like you doesn’t deserve to be in the Spearow.”

“Watch your words. Abigail gets hurt easily. Matter of fact, she just said she doesn’t like you. I agree with her, so let’s do this,” Wallace stated.

Wallace closed his eyes and concentrated on clearing his thoughts. He rested his entire body, then simultaneously flexed it. Wallace began to glow red like blood, and his spear did the same.

“Behold! My true nature! Severance of Ancestors!”

Besides his intimidating glow, two symbols of vultures were printed on the ground next to him on both sides. They began to glow, then large beams came projected from the sky onto the symbols.

“Are those… angels?” Wolf stated.

“Awaken my brothers! I think we have found ourselves a worthy opponent. Let us show him who we truly are!”

Two angels in gold and white armor stood with spears. They had blue markings on the back of their armor, those markings being a vulture. They also wore blue capes that flowed down to their legs. They held golden spears with white tips. However, they were made out of light.

“Yes, my lord!” The guards chanted in synchronization.

Tania’s red tracking bolt started to soar towards Wolf from behind, following his movements. At the same time, Wallace and his companions leaped towards Wolf.

“Ragh!” Wolf screamed.

The tracking bolt pierced through Wolf’s back and caught him off guard, making him fall towards the ground. Then, the two angels threw their spears which impaled Wolf in the shoulders, pinning him down to the ground. Wallace came gliding through the air to perform his finishing move.

“Diminishing Spear!”

The tip of his spear flared red as he followed through towards Wolf. He thrusted his spear and speared through Wolf’s face. Even if he was a member of the Spearow, this move was made for situations such as this. As Wolf was about to die, he threw his chain in a last-ditch effort to kill Wallace.

Blood was spilled around the floor. Wallace was panting as Tania watched from the side, exhausted. The fog that layered the arena had started to fade, uncovering the massive crater that was created by the fighting.

“The fog is dispersing! The hill that was there in the beginning now has a massive crater on the top of it!” screamed the announcer.

Wallace fell to his knees, fatigued by the battle. The two angels bowed their heads and faded away, leaving behind particles of light. Wallace dropped his spear and looked down at his chest, spotting a piece of chain stuck deep inside of it. He attempted to pull it out but to no avail as more blood had gushed out.

“Stop, it’s only going to make it worse. Let’s get you to a safer place, my Black Healing won’t be ready for a while,” Tania stated, carrying Wallace towards the hill.

Meanwhile, Galahad emerged from the fog, confused and limping. He had also suffered a stab in the leg from Wolf’s chain, however, it wasn’t too deep. Tania rested Wallace on the side of the hill, then went back to find Galahad.

“It was good meeting you again, Galahad…” whispered Brenna as the fog fully cleared.

“Galahad!” Tania yelled, running towards Galahad.

“I’m alright, just a small wound. I’ll be ok, but I think it is over,” Galahad replied as he looked up at the sky filled with confetti.

Confetti rained down on the arena, and applause echoed through the high walls as the high gates opened. Multiple guards and healers came to gather the bodies and heal the remaining members of the tournament.

“Viprin has come out victorious! The Imperium Secrotis have finally been defeated! The awarding ceremony will now begin!” the announcer declared.

Music started to play and the stands were filled with laughter and dance. The healers had patched up Galahad and Wallace, then guards proceeded to escort them out. However, the guard next to Galahad asked if he could talk to him alone, and Tania acknowledged.

“Galahad, if you wish to know your potential, come back to the Spearow Hidden Village, we won’t spy on you any longer. It is up to you to choose your path that lies ahead,” whispered the guard.

Galahad looked confused, but he knew what the guard was referring to.

“Tania, I know where we have to go next,” Galahad stated.

Arkand eventually met with them outside the gate. Relieved at the sight of them, he exclaimed, “I’m glad you made it!”

“So? The money?” Wallace asked.

“Of course! I almost forgot about that…” Arkand replied.

He waved his hand, signaling them to follow him. They followed Arkand through the out roads of Viprin until they met up with the other three kings. There laid a massive vault with guards surrounding the area.

“Your prize, Arkand. This has to be split with the other members of the Viprin squad. But, I shall leave that to you. Remember to attend the ceremony tomorrow, now take care!”

Tania and several guards began to carry the vault through Viprin and towards Arkand’s house. Townsfolk glared as they passed through the streets, backing off into their homes. Some just started through the windows, others were on the sides of the street.

“Why are they hiding? Are they that scared of you, Arkand?” Tania asked.

“Tania, look closely. I think they are looking at you.”

Tania’s eyes widened as a sudden realization hit her, she was still in Glass Cannon form, meaning she was covered in her black armor. She became very embarrassed and stared down at her feet. She began to trudge a little faster, but a guard quickly warned her to slow down.

Eventually, they made it to the house and set the vault on the ground in the backyard. Arkand demanded that the guards leave at once, and then the remaining people in the yard were Galahad, Wallace, Arkand, and Tania.

“So, congrats,” Arkand blurted, ending the awkward silence.

“Yeah, thanks,” Wallace groaned.

However, being in the state they were in, not much could make them happy.

“Those bandages don’t help, huh?”

“Just, be quiet for a second,” Tania said, shutting Arkand up.

Wallace started to rock back and forth, and he was struggling to keep his head up. He raised his hand just slightly enough to grab Tania’s shoulder, then he collapsed on top of her.

“Wallace!” Tania screamed.

“I wonder what happened… well I better get going now,” Arkand stated, attempting to scurry away.

“Hold on a second, you are supposed to split the money with us,” Tania stated, resting Wallace on the ground and standing up.

“Ah, of course. Yes, um, give me a second. I just have to store my portion in the vault under my house. Give me… ten minutes? Yes, you can go to Flako, they have healers. If i’m not here then just come back later. I’m pretty busy, you know.”

“Fine,” Galahad responded, carrying Wallace on his back.