Movie Review: Twilight


Image by Igam Ogam via Unsplash

By Leanna You, Staff Writer

If you’re a movie watcher, then you’ve definitely seen these three movies: Harry Potter, High School Musical, and Twilight. The typical “high school” romances and dramas. 

Although I’ve never watched High School Musical, I’ve definitely watched Harry Potter and Twilight. In my opinion, (which might be a little controversial) I believe that Twilight is an okay movie. 

If you’ve never watched or read Twilight, it’s about how a vampire and a human fall in love and how their relationship changed each other’s lifestyles with a love triangle in between them. We see through the perspective of Bella, the main character who immediately is intrigued by Edward, the male lead, who seemed so disgusted by her at first. As the two get to know each other, Bella finds out about his family’s secret and is tangled into a world full of vampires and werewolves.

Over the summer, my friends and I decided to binge-watch the full Twilight series. It was our second time watching the series and we decided to rewatch it as a joke to see how many “cringy” moments we would see. This took us ten hours with no breaks in between and though I have to say I wouldn’t exactly do it again, the time we spent together was really enjoyable. We were able to make fun of the little awkward and cringy moments in the movie. The production and plot of the story were all right and of course, our beloved Robert Pattinson made the movie all in all not that bad. Sure, it’s not considered one of the best movies nor would I say it’s the best movie, but it really isn’t as bad as people make it out to seem. If you really have nothing to do and want to do something fun with your friends, rewatching or watching Twilight would make for a good laugh.