Scared Silly: A Synopsis


Image by cottonbro via Pexels

Boo! Don’t worry, that’s not the sound of the audience, it’s just the ghosts! If you love getting into the Halloween spirit, join the Dramatic Arts Club on a fun journey through five haunted horror stories! Scared Silly is a fun comedic play, so bring your friends and family on October 28th and 29th.

The play features five short stories, under the direction of Ms. Sweeney. However, this play is different from past productions, since each story was assistant-directed by a student. These students put a lot of work into establishing their scenes as Ms. Sweeney guided them through the directing skills necessary to coordinate a performance.


In the Waiting Room at the Ghost Placement Agency, Life Comes at You Fast

Written by Patrick Greene

Student Assistant Director: Bella Yures

Meet a peculiar group of ghosts waiting to be assigned a new place to haunt. Soon they discover a new fear they’d never known previously- and it’s something worse than anything they’re ever imagined. 


The Rocky Junction Rumor

Written by Christa Crewdson

Student Assistant Director: Keerthana Gauthaman

In Rocky Junction High School, rumors spread just as fast as love. When a mysterious new boy named Vladmir walks into class, fascination flows through the whole school… That is, except for a certain jealous ex-boyfriend!


The Midnight Club

Written by Jonathon Dorf

Student Assistant Director: Jai Triola

The Breakfast Club spinoff with some spooky creatures. See how haunted this detention room can get. And, who really is “Brains”?


The (Completely Inaccurate) Legend of the Mummy Witch House

Written by Hillary DePiano

Student Assistant Director: Anna Tremarco

Follow a group of curious kids as they enter the legendary Mummy Witch House. What they don’t realize is that this “legend” isn’t what they expected. This is a real ghost story, in a real haunted house!


Attack of the Cafeteria Zombies

Written by Ed Monk

Student Assistant Director: Joe Field

Three aliens are planning on taking over the Earth with a brilliant evil plan. But, there are two humans in their way. See what happens when elementary school students are tasked with saving the world.