Andor: A Spoiler-Free Review


Image by Allan Rodrigo via Pexels

By Charles Scott, Staff Writer

Andor is the prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, impressing fans and giving high hopes for the future of Star Wars. After many were disappointed by the two shows released prior, people started to give up on the franchise but Andor may rekindle what Disney’s previous shows had broken. The show follows Cassian Andor and his rise to becoming a top agent for the Rebel Alliance as they plan to destroy the Death Star. Andor begins five years before the events of Rogue One, showing a younger, less mature version of Cassian Andor who is nothing more than a thief stealing parts from ships of the Empire. When caught in a sticky situation, Andor is forced to go into hiding from the law, kicking off his journey to join the Rebel Alliance. 

Andor is the first Star Wars series since the Mandalorian with a focus that isn’t relying on nostalgia or fan service. The series is also aimed at a more mature audience following characters who have to do the dirty work rather than flash their lightsabers around and look cool. This is a great change as many of the recent Star Wars projects have felt too comical, Andor has a dark and gritty tone never before seen in the franchise allowing it to stand out from other previous Star Wars projects. 

The series will consist of twenty-four episodes spanning over two seasons leading right into the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With the first four episodes being released on Disney+, Andor is a show with a promising future that will definitely be worth checking out for any Star Wars or sci-fi fan.