Black Saint: Chapter 7 – Deep Secrets


Image by Ibolya Toldi via Pexels

By Taran Mehta, Staff Writer

Galahad and Tania knocked on Arkand’s door, but to no response.

“I don’t know what we expected, let’s just come back later,” sighed Galahad.

Galahad and Tania strolled through Tarsingston, heading towards the Spearow hidden village.

“Hey, would you look at that, It’s Galahad! Good day, sir!” greeted a voice in the distance.

Galahad turned around to see Foyer with a wide smile on his face, waving at Galahad.

I will meet you there, said a voice in Galahad’s head.

“G’day lad!” yelled Buvrik.

Galahad waved then turned his back towards the inn and continued on his way towards the hidden village. They passed by the stake, where another man was being burnt for his sins.

“This always gets me,” Tania stated, shivers going down her spine. 

They made it around the corner where they ran into Flako.

“Glad to see you back and well, follow me,” Flako waved them on, flipping his cape and walking through the brick wall.

“What in blazes? Honestly, I’m not surprised,” Galahad said, confused out of his mind.

“Don’t worry about it. Just do the same thing and trust us.”

With Tania reassuring him, he felt more confident in walking into a wall. He carefully walked towards the wall and put his hand up towards it. He closed his eyes and walked forward, only to hit his head on the brick.

“Ow!” Galahad groaned.

“Well you can’t go slow, you have to go fast. Sprint into it, like this.”

Tania took a deep breath and ran headfirst towards the wall, then she disappeared. 

Guess I have to do it now, Galahad thought.

He walked back a bit to gather up speed, then he bolted towards the wall.

“Ow! What the-”

Galahad looked up, only to find himself in an underground village. It wasn’t bustling, but it had rock doors on the walls and a few people selling food. Others admired the statues and some sat on benches.

10:00 AM | Spearow Hidden Village | Kingdom of Tarsingston

“You made it!” Tania stated, lending a hand.

Galahad brushed himself off and admired the community.

“This is… the village?” Galahad questioned.

“The main village, yes. The place you were before was the ritual stone. It’s a bit confusing around here, but if you spend enough time, you’ll find yourself around.”

Galahad nodded his head and followed Tania through the village. They made it to a singular, stone door in the corner of the village.

“This right here is my comfy home,” Tania stated, opening the door to reveal a cramped room.

The walls were covered with banners and paintings. The floor was painted red and dim candlelight lit the room. A bear pelt was laid as a floorcloth in the center of the room. The cracked stone floors had grass growing through the crevices. There was a wooden table in the middle of the room with empty beer mugs fallen over on it. Spilled beer stains were visible on the leather couches. 

Tania trudged over to the barrels that were built into the walls and took out two large bottles of beer.

“Care to have a drink?” Tania asked, pouring herself a mug of beer.

“I am thirsty… why not?” Galahad responded.

Galahad sat on the couch and let out a large sigh.

“Get comfortable, we can stay as long as we want,” Tania said, plumping down next to Galahad and handing him his mug.

“I’m not much of a beer guy,” Galahad said, struggling to put it down.

A little beer spilled out of Galahad’s mouth, rolling down his chin. He reached to wipe it off but Tania had already cleaned it off for him, which made his cheeks grow red.

“You all right?” 

“Yes, you got a bathroom?” replied Galahad, getting up in a hurry.

“Of course, it’s the stone door next to mine.”

Galahad rushed to the door and attempted to open the door, but it didn’t budge.

“Why is the door locked?” asked Galahad, panicking.

“It’s not? I think you’re turning it the wrong way,”

Galahad tried the other way and it opened right up. He awkwardly smiled and closed the door behind him, resting his back on the door. He put his hand on his forehead, took a sigh, and took a step forward. He saw a door to the left and right of her room.

Why is there no sign to tell the difference? In that case, maybe she could have specified left or right, Galahad thought.

He took a guess and headed towards the left door, setting his ear to the edge of the stone door. He tried to listen for anyone in there; however, it was noiseless.

“Hey!” yelled a man passing by, “What are you doing peeking into a women’s bathroom like that! You should know better, pervert.”

Galahad’s cheeks blushed even more, but as he tried to apologize, the man hushed him and carried on his way. He quickly rose and rushed to the other door as his heart was beating rapidly.

This has to be it, Galahad thought.

He took a deep breath and trudged in through the door, only to find himself back in Tania’s room.

“You’re back!” Tania stated, walking towards Galahad.

Galahad was confused as ever, and he just embraced the greeting.

“Um, Galahad. You are confused, did you not go? I can walk you to it, y’know.”

“Yes, please,” Galahad responded, shyly.

They both walked out and headed to the right-most door where Tania left him to do his business.

“This is it, I hope you didn’t go to the left door. That might have been my fault for not telling you,” Tania stated.

Galahad told her that it’s okay, then he proceeded inside. He didn’t actually need to go, he just needed to take a refresher from all the action.

“Woah, Galahad?” a voice stated from behind one of the stalls.

“Um, hello?” he responded, trying to find the voice’s location.

“Congratulations! I was watching the match, and in the end, I saw you won! Sorry if I scared you, my name is Merrick. I am a member of the Blue Rank Elite Death Six, you have probably heard of it.”

Merrick emerged from the stall, wearing a blue cap and brown hat. The hat was an average, wizard-like hat, curved and crooked with a pointy tip. He wielded a red staff, and his boots were matte black. He had red eyes and was fresh-faced. His cape had a vulture symbol different from the rest, symbolizing his allegiance to the Blue Death Elite Six.

“I don’t think I have,” Galahad responded.

“Oh, no worries. It’s pretty simple, we are just a team of six members. We are the second-highest ranked members in the Spearow, second to the Red Death Elite Three. I just thought maybe Wallace had told you, we are good friends.”

Wow, that’s pretty high, Galahad thought.

“It sure is,” Merrick responded, reading Galahad’s thoughts. “I can tell you are also confused on how I knew exactly who you were while I was still inside the stall. I have an ability that involves senses. While some people, partially like you, can read minds, I can do that as well but I also have the ability to sense things around me. It comes in pretty handy sometimes, I can tell where people are hiding.”

Galahad was puzzled but astonished as well. There were so many secrets to the Spearow that he had not yet come across. 

“Well, I’ll catch you later,” Merrick smiled, waving goodbye.

Galahad felt relieved and headed back out.


Galahad heard Merrick fanboying over Tania outside her room.

“Merrick! It’s good to see you, aren’t you supposed to be on a mission today?” asked Tania.

“Yeah, however, they said it was okay for me to stay back. A little break is never bad. Say, what are you doing out here?”

“Waiting for Galahad, he’s a friend of mine,” responded Tania.

Merrick slowly turned over to Galahad with his mouth wide open, then he rushed towards Galahad.

“Galahad! Please let me be your friend!”

“Um, sure…” he responded, stupefied.

“Well, what are you guys doing later?” Merrick asked, anxious for an answer.

Galahad and Tania looked at each other, then back to Merrick.

“Nothing,” they answered in synchronization.

“Perfect, can I join you guys?”

“Um…” Galahad glanced at Tania and hoped for an answer.

“Sure,” Tania stated.

Merrick threw his fist in the air and followed Tania and Galahad back into her room.

“Wow, this is beautiful. I’ve never been in such an elite room before, and look! The red banner!” Merrick pointed out.

“Red banner? What’s so special about that?” asked Galahad.

“It’s a special banner you can only obtain by being a part of the Red Death Elite Three! That’s the highest rank in the Spearow!”

Galahad turned to Tania with a confused face.

“I guess I have kept some things a secret. But don’t take it the wrong way, there just wasn’t time for a little chit-chat. Come sit, let me give you a little brief description of what he means.”

Tania grabbed some more beer for the three of them and sat them down on the couch. She patted her hand next to where she sat and Galahad sat next to her. 

“So basically,” she stated, taking a sip of her beer. “The Spearow is more than just an assassination cult. Each one of us is split into ranks. These ranks are ranked by colors, green being the lowest and red being the highest. So, let’s start with the rankings. Basic Green Rank Spearow Twenty. Then, Elite Green Rank Death Ten. The next rank is Basic Orange Rank Spearow Fifteen. Same as the green rank, they have an orange elite team of ten as well. However, after this, it gets different. Basic Yellow Rank Spearow Ten. Yes, you heard right, their basic team consists of only ten members. Then, Elite Yellow Rank Death Five. Second but certainly not least, Elite Blue Rank Death Five; they don’t have a basic rank. Then, of course, we have the Elite Red Rank Death Three. There is a hidden rank, well it isn’t really hidden. It is the most famous actually, yet it can only be obtained by one person. The Black Rank Saint One. Also known as the Black Saint.”

“That was a lot of information,” Galahad stated, taking a large sign to consume his newfound knowledge. 

“Don’t worry, I just wanted you to know the basics,”

“The basics?” Galahad repeated, dumbstruck.

“You’re right, it surely is a lot. But, once you get it, it’s pretty easy. I did just say it off the top of my head y’know. If you want, I can go into more detail about it.”

“Please no,” Merrick stated, interrupting their conversation.

“Alright, let’s get going then,” Tania stated, getting up.

“Where are we going?” Galahad asked, following Tania out the door. 

“Wait for me!” Merrick called, struggling to catch up. 

11:30 AM | Ritual Stone | Spearow Hidden Village

“Tania! We have a new recruit, his name’s Ezra. He’s currently inside the ritual stone speaking to Flako. You are high enough in the ranks to enter, but it is up to you.” stated the guard outside of the ritual stone. 

“Eh, why not.” 

They walked into the room where they saw Flako and Wallace speaking to the recruit. Ezra looked at them with a sinful smirk, instantly sending chills down their spine.

That guy is scary, Galahad thought, speaking to Tania through his mind.

You don’t mind if I interrupt this conversation, do you? Well, this guy died as an assassin, so stay alert, Wallace thought, linking in between Tania and Galahad’s thoughts.

“Flako, we need to talk,” Tania stated, hinting to get Ezra out of there.

“Wallace, please escort Ezra to his room,” Flako commanded.

Wallace didn’t seem to be affected by Ezra’s malevolent aura. Wallace grabbed Erza by the arm and escorted him out the door, Erza still keeping eye contact with Galahad until he was pulled around the corner.

“Glad to see Wallace feeling better,” Tania stated, thanking Flako for his assistance.

“Our healers are trained for this, I’m glad they did their job as well,” Flako responded. “Well, what was the reason for this private discussion?”

“As you can see, Galahad is here with us,”

“Yes, I am aware,” Flako responded, emerging from the dark.

“He said he’s coming to look for answers about his powers, I was hoping you could explain,” Tania stated.

“That is very unique, I have to say. The moment I saw a weapon appear out of thin air, I cannot say I wasn’t surprised. I spectated at the tournament, congratulations. However, this was once seen before. The previous black saint had an ability similar to this, it was called ฬєคק๏ภ ๓คՇєгเคɭเչคՇเ๏ภ. He could summon a weapon in his hand at any angle and any form, making his powers limitless. I hope this was of help to you,” Flako explained.

“Weapon Materialization? Sounds pretty neat,” Galahad said.

Galahad and Tania both crossed their arms around their body and bowed, then proceeded to exit the room.

“One more thing, Tania. I would like to ask you a favor,”

Tania turned around and nodded.

“I would like for you to train Galahad for the next six months. His powers are rare and unique, and I sense a link between the two of you. If you could train him until the tournament where we decide the ranks, I would forever be in your debt,” explained Flako.

Tania turned to her left, but Galahad had already skipped along back towards the room.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,”

“No,” Tania interrupted. “Doing a favor for you is the least I could do, after all you took me in as a true father. I am eternally in your debt, and I would gladly train Galahad. His training will begin tomorrow at the Divitious Mountain.”

Tania trailed back to her room where she found Galahad chatting with Merrick.

“Seems you two are getting along well,” Tania stated.

“Have you heard? Galahad isn’t dead!”

“Yea, I’ve heard alright. Galahad, remember when you mentioned you wanted me to train you?” Tania asked.

“Have I? I remember saying something about training after you explained the Battle of The Spearow,”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m training you now. You are to get up at 5:00 AM and we leave here to go to the Divitious Mountain.” Tania explained.

“Th-the d-divitious m-m-m…mountain?”

“Did I stutter? I’m not repeating it, and if you don’t get up in time, you are gonna be in for a long trip my friend,” Tania clarified. 

She strutted away and Galahad turned to Merrick.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not the one who got her angry. You do NOT want to see her angry, trust me. I saw it once during the Battle of The Spearow, let’s just say she did not play around.”

A few minutes later, Galahad confronted Tania in her room. However, before they made contact, Galahad rested his ear outside her stone door and listened in. He heard whispers and chants coming from her room, and he had thought Tania was in trouble. He barged through the door and lifted up his hand in a threatening demeanor, but he was in for a disturbing surprise. 

“Tania?” Galahad asked.

She jerked her up towards him, her arms behind her back and legs curled up in a ball. Her mouth was dripping in blood and human meat laid waste in front of her. The body on the ground suddenly became familiar, as he made them out to be the remains of Wallace. She snarled and started to plod towards him using her arms.

“Ah! Get away! Get away I said!” Galahad screamed, scrambling to grab a knife off the counter.

He leaped over the couch and clutched the knife harder.

Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me. Maybe if I get close enough to disable her in one blow, I might have a good chance, thought Galahad.

Galahad stood by and waited for Tania, that was until she came up from under the surface. She clasped Galahad by the neck and flung him upwards, sending him crashing into a castle above.

“Am I seeing things,” Galahad groaned, surrounded by a court.

Upbeat music played from the speakers, however they had slowly become distorted and creepy.

“YOU LIKE JESTERS?” Tania yelled, floating in the air.

The sky was red and the pillars holding up the castle broke down. A giant throne rolled behind Tania, simultaneously with red lighting striking it, setting it on fire. The fire could be felt from far away, and it melted Galahad’s knife. The ground began to rumble, and then a ginormous, white, statue emerged from the ground. Tania flew closer towards him and growled “Divitious Mountain, your demise is inevitable. Find shelter in the dome, where all shall be divitable.”

“Galahad! Galahad! Wake up!” Merrick yelled, violently shaking Galahad.

“Huh?” Galahad awoke puzzled, his head throbbing. 

“Are you okay? You are sweating a lot!” 

“I just had a nightmare about jesters.” Galahad explained, rubbing his forehead.

“Jesters? Are you scared of them or something?” Merrick questioned.

“Not really, I also don’t see how that would be relevant. But Tania did mention something. She said, and I quote, Divitious Mountain, your demise is inevitable. Find shelter in the dome, where all shall be divitable, which I found to be quite the riddle.”

“Sure seems like it. Maybe it is important, but let’s rest up for now. You got a big day ahead of you,” Merrick stated, exiting the room.

Wonder where Tania strolled off to, Galahad thought, curling up on the coach.