2022 Midterm Elections: What Are They and What Do They Mean?


Image by Arnaud Jaegers via Unsplash

By Olivia Metz, Staff Writer

The U.S midterm elections are general elections held around the middle time of a president’s four-year term. Most of the attention is focused on Congress, as the results of the election decide which party controls the Senate and House of Representatives. In addition to congressional candidates, many state and local elections take place at the same time. These include elections for governors, mayors, and local officials such as sheriff and school board. 

After this year’s midterm elections, the Republican party currently controls the Senate, with forty-nine seats after losing one, and the Democrats hold forty-eight seats after losing two. The House of Representatives is currently controlled by the Republicans as well, with two hundred and seventeen seats after gaining eight, while the Democrats hold two hundred and six seats after losing seven.

Republican candidates Thomas Arnone and Dominick DiRocco won the Monmouth county commissioner positions. Shaun Golden has been re-elected as Monmouth county police sheriff. All Monmouth county election results are listed at N.J. Election Results 2022 .