Winter Wonderland (at home)!


Image by Esranur Kalay via Pexels

While winter is a beautiful season with its own wonders, most of us agree that it is best enjoyed in the warmth of your own home. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a cold winter night at home!

Movie Marathon – Whether you’re spending a night home alone or with a group of friends, a movie night is the perfect way to utilize the frigid winter nights. Gather your favorite snacks, put on your fuzzy socks, turn on the heater, and watch classic movies of your taste! 

Cook – Making food is a great way to aromatize your entire house and create a warm, welcoming feeling. Use the chilly atmosphere to your advantage and make something nice and hot for you or your family. Some popular winter recipes include butternut squash soup, tomato soup with garlic bread, warm chili, lasagna, and baked ziti!

Read – Although reading doesn’t have the best reputation amongst teenagers, it can be an amazing way to destress and transport yourself into another world. Especially when it’s so cold out, the atmosphere becomes perfect to turn on the fireplace or light a candle and indulge in a book of your choosing. 

Journal – Many people think of journaling as just writing about your day or thought dumping. And while that is a great way to relax, journaling can be so much more. You can write a story that has no relevance to your day, or describe your day or feelings using just pictures or stickers. There are no limits when it comes to journaling!

Whether winter is the season of skiing and snowboarding or staying in and enjoying the comfort of your home, these activities are something that everyone should try at least once. No matter what your idea of a winter wonderland is, remember to stay healthy and most importantly, stay warm! ?