Unlucky Clover


Image by 123RF.com

Unlucky Clover 

Was tired of being pushed over.

Because of her bad luck.

Her life sucked.

She was tired of cursed superpower.

That made her mood always sour.

Bad things happened to everyone around Clover.

Like someone falling over, 

someone falling ill,

Or someone losing their thumb from a hand drill! 

She couldn’t form long lasting relationships 

Or longlasting championships. 

Unlucky Clover had a crush.

Who made her blush.

She wanted to pursue. 

But what if he knew?  

She was scared.

She was pretty unprepared.

Unlucky Clover told him how she felt.

When he rejected her made her heart melt.

He told Clover that being with her was asking to get bad luck. 

His words struck.  

And left Clover’s heart with a big open wound and his words hurt her feelings too.

She was feeling blue.  

She broke down into tears. 

It was one of her worst fears.

Because of her bad luck, she thought she was going to end up alone for entire life.

And become a low life.  

Until she saw someone she didn’t expect to appear.

Is he actually here? 

He was a person he wanted to befriend her in freshman but she rejected            

him because she didn’t want him to be effected 

by her bad luck, but she was shocked. What is he doing here?

His intentions weren’t clear!

He revealed to Clover that his cursed super power is good luck but it isn’t the good luck you expect!

It wasn’t exactly so perfect! 

It was actually a curse super power Karma’s life sucked, good things would happen to him  all the time 

Like him unexpectedly finding a dime, 

Winning a prize,

or him getting free medium french fries!

Clover could finally found someone who accepted her curse!

She finally found someone like her in the universe!

She didn’t feel lonely anymore! 

As she found someone she truly adored!