Top Songs To Make You Think of Winter


Image by Bob Clark via Pexels

Lover – Taylor Swift: “We could leave the Christmas lights up ‘till January” The lyrics talk about the cozy feeling of being in love. A warm and sweet song that makes you feel the coziness of winter.

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood: I feel like this would be the type of song people would blast all the time in the winter or just every day in general. The song’s soft vocals and guitar beat definitely give off the feeling of being calm and hiding away from the cold.

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley: The vibes and slowness of this song makes me think that this is what it’s like to spend winter with a lover. Or just the idea of falling in love with someone gives off winter vibes since winter is known as a season of love and joy. 

Doughnut – Twice: The soft beat of the music and effects of the song give off the snowy and Christmassy vibes of winter. It’s very unique and cute; it gives you a feeling of warmth and coziness. 

Back to December – Taylor Swift: She wishes she could change everything about what she did that night and how she wants to go back to December where he was still with her. This song shares the regretful yet beautiful memories she had in December. 

Careless Whisper – George Michael: A lot like Can’t Help Falling in Love, this song is also a slow song and is about love. The saxophone matches very well with the song and gives off the feeling of being in winter. 

Last Christmas – Wham!: It can’t be winter without a Christmas song. This song is a classic and is played every day when December comes around. Christmas is about love and also recognizing heartbreak. All the previous songs are like that and are why I chose them to be songs that make you think of winter.