The BEST Beaches in NJ

New Jersey is known for many things. Some of them Jersey-natives can find pride in, and others not so much. However, I think everyone can agree that Jersey’s beaches are something special. New Jersey has 130 miles of Atlantic coastline, with over 60 designated beaches. With so many options for a summer day at the beach, which beach is the best?

Although New Jersey does not have the year-round perfect weather that other states like Florida and California do, during prime beach season, you can expect almost all New Jersey beaches to be packed. One of the most popular beaches for families in New Jersey is Ocean City. Ocean City is known for its two and a half mile boardwalk that is filled with entertainment, dining, and fun experiences for people of all ages. The pristine beaches are easy for anyone to settle into for a perfect beach day – and the endless selection of eateries makes finding a great place to eat within reach.

However, some would argue that there are better beaches in New Jersey, like Manasquan Beach. Manasquan, being much closer to Monmouth County than Ocean City, is preferred by many in Central Jersey who are just looking to spend a day at the beach, rather than a weekend or week. Manasquan’s mile-long stretch of sand is desirable to many, which is why it attracts so many people of all ages. It is easy to have a relaxing day at the beach in Manasquan as it is normally a relatively quiet beach. 

Of all the beaches in New Jersey that I have been to, including some of the most popular ones, like Manasquan and Ocean City, my personal favorite is Avalon. Avalon is known for its beautiful and peaceful beaches that make it a perfect vacation escape. There’s an abundance of fine shops and boutiques, as well as a great selection of restaurants and nightlife. As if the beaches, shops, and restaurants weren’t already enough, Avalon has about a half-mile long boardwalk that is perfect for walking, running, or riding bikes.

Overall, there are so many great options for the beach when it comes to New Jersey, and despite having favorites, they all make for a great beach day!