Look Out For These Shows in 2023!


Image by Jeshoots.com via Pexels

TV production is at its highest right now! Hundreds of shows are being produced as we speak. In fact, this article is going to discuss a few shows that are coming out in 2023 that you should consider watching! 

  1. “Freeridge” (Season 1 – Netflix): This comedy series is a spinoff on the show, On My Block. Although this show comes with new problems and a new core four, the root of On My Block will be evident in this show. 
  2. “Daisy Jones and the Six” (Miniseries – Prime Video): First a book, now a tv series! Just like the book, this series is about the life of individuals all together in one band. 
  3. “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” (Limited Series – Netflix): Another Bridgerton show that gives the inside scoop about the lives of Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury, and Violet Bridgerton in their younger years. 
  4. “School Spirits” (Season One – Paramount +): Madison, a young teenager, played by Peyton List, investigates her own murder in this spooky high school show. Will Madison be able to solve her death in the afterlife?
  5. “Will Trent” (Season One – ABC): This brand-new series is based on a novel and revolves around crime and mystery. Mystery junkies beware! 

These are simply just five shows out of the many many more that are anticipated to come out this coming year! Whatever genre you may like, there will be a show out there for you!