A Stubborn Queen


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

A stubborn queen 

Why does she have to be so mean?

Always bossing people around!

Just because she has a crown!

She is so loud and crude!

Why does she have to be so rude?

The queen wanted a change!

So she had to arrange!

She had a clever plan!

That she got from a wise man!

See the queen never wanted the royal throne!

It was something  she never wanted to own!

When her father died she was next in line!

She wanted to decline!

She never wanted to become a queen, she wanted to become a witch!

So her plan was to ditch.

The crown and become a witch but she had to fake her demise. 

She wasn’t good with making up lies!

But she had an identical  twin sister you see!

Her name was Lee!

And Lee always wanted to rule her own land!

So Lee and the queen had planned!

To the old switcheroo!

It was like no one had knew!

The queen could finally follow her dream!

Lee could finally take over her regime!

Things were going great!

For both of their fates!