X-Rayed Ravioli


Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Jeffery rode his bike to the doctor’s office to get his X-ray results back. As he kept pedaling, he could hear his stomach growling louder and louder.

“Man, I’m starving right now,” Jeffery said as he stopped by his local Italian restaurant. He walked in and saw his best friend Lorenzo behind the counter counting the tip jar.

“Lorenzo!” Jeffery yelled with excitement as the two friends embraced. Jeffery asked Lorenzo to make him his father’s famous ravioli with garlic bread.

As Lorenzo put all of his food in the bag, Jeffery took off as he noticed that he was almost late for his doctor’s appointment.

As he kept pedaling he could smell the ravioli from the bag, so much so that it made him lose his sense of direction. But Jeffery made it to his appointment – and he even had time to eat his ravioli before being called in by the doctor.