You’ll Always Be My Brother


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

By Ashley Perez Morales, Staff Writer

Tim and Teddy are best friends who’d known each other since birth. It was like they live the same life. They both had grown up without parents; it was a tragedy but they’d rather not talk about it. Teddy lived with his aunt and Tim with his grandma.

Tim and Teddy were normal teenagers who loved to cause trouble, but were not very wise. They saw each other like brothers because they knew they would always be there for each other, but Teddy wasn’t certain he would always be there. Teddy suffered from a rare disease that couldn’t be cured, so Teddy spent most of his days in the hospital. After hearing that, Tim knew he would be fine; he always was..right?

Tim still visited him everyday. He couldn’t live without Teddy; it was like he was a part of him. But that soon changed; Tim was heading out, back to his grandmother’s house. He had been excited all that evening to go see Teddy, since he’d missed the day before. Tim grabbed his stuff before he left. He started walking but later saw himself walking pass Teddy’s aunt and where they lived. Tim hated her. He knew she never cared about him, so why would she now? He just walked as fast as he could just to avoid seeing her.

Tim finally got there; he walked around and spotted Teddy’s number on the white curtains in all the rooms. As Teddy stepped inside, he noticed how private and spotless it was inside. Tim took a look around towards the bed, where the sheets were folded as if they were cleaning someone out the room.

Teddy wasn’t in the room, maybe he’d gone to get some tests or something? So Tim let 15 minutes pass by and there was no sight of him. Tim left to go find a doctor, but as was stepping out he saw something by the chair. It was a letter and it had his name on it. Tim tucked it inside his pocket to read later.

Tim found a doctor and had asked where his friend was; the doctor didn’t know how to say it, but by the look on his face it was obvious something was wrong.

“Tim, I’m sorry to tell you this, but Teddy passed away just a few hours ago.”

After Tim heard that, he felt as if his life was over. He just couldn’t believe it. Teddy was the guy who was always okay: why was he not okay now? Tim caught himself brooding about everything that had just happened, but he knew there was nothing he can do to fix any of it.

Years pass and there Tim was, looking back at the memories with Teddy, the only person who was always there for him. Tears ran down his face, expressing how he felt. He was writing a letter to the man he would see soon.

“I miss you Teddy. I know you’ll always be next to me, no matter what. You’ll always be my brother.”                                                                         -Tim Belles