You Should Join Newspaper!


Image by Michael Gaida via Pixabay

Do you think of yourself as creative, do you enjoy storytelling, or consider yourself opinionated? Do you enjoy sharing those said opinions with others? Are you looking for a club that’s fun but convenient for your busy life? Do you have a passion for writing or journalism? Or are you just an average student looking for an interesting challenge? If you answered “yes” or even “maybe” to any of these, you should totally join the Freehold Boro newspaper club! 

One simple but incredibly practical reason why you should join the newspaper club is because of how agreeable it is with your daily schedules and activities. Believe it or not: we only meet one to two times a month! This also means that you’ll be expected to produce an article for the paper on your own time over the course of each month. This has been something I really like about the newspaper as it coincides with Boro students who may be committed to difficult and time-consuming academic programs or team sports and may not always be available to meet after school or write an article right away. Also, the lovely Mrs. Flug and Mrs. Robinson offer make-up meetings in case you couldn’t attend after- school ones.

Furthermore, you also can’t ignore the fact that the newspaper club is beneficial because it will help develop many different and useful skills. Writing for The Colonial will develop your writing and grammar skills, which will benefit you throughout your entire life. Furthermore, I enjoy that we get to practice writing and editing without the pressure of doing it for grades. Additionally, the newspaper club can help your management skills when dealing with deadlines which is always important.

Moreover, if you are still unsure about joining and fear that writing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to contribute to The Colonial without writing articles. The Boro paper publishes several collections of photography, all kinds of poetry, and comedic strips. This is one part of The Colonial that really helps illustrate the many parts of Boro and all the ways students creatively express themselves.

In the end, many of you (including me at times) may think of writing and grimace at the thought of abiding by strict grammar, thesis statements, citations, and MLA format. But I am here to clarify that Newspaper is many different things, but it is not another English class. Sure, you are expected to write in a clean and readable format that has structure and minimal typos, but don’t think you won’t have the freedom to be creative and have fun with your writing! Fundamentally, the newspaper club is a creative outlet that many of us could use where we can connect with fellow students. A place to discuss current events, express feelings and opinions, celebrate student-athletes and teachers, and also admire poetry, photography (and adorable pets of Boro). So what are you waiting for? The only question is: what are you gonna write your first article about?