How Early Should You Go Prom Dress Shopping?


Image by Juliano Astc via Pexels

Even though Prom is not until June, many students have already bought their attire. While it seems crazy to get a prom dress this early, it actually makes perfect sense. At most stores, including Lola’s, Castle Couture, Dream Dresses, and Diane & Co., once someone from a certain high school has bought a dress, no one else from that school can buy it. The idea of finding and buying the perfect dress is already stressful and overwhelming for many high schoolers, and knowing that the amount of dresses available are limited makes the choice even more difficult. Because of this, many girls choose to start prom shopping as early as possible… but how early is early enough? 

After surveying a number of girls who have already gotten their prom dresses for this year’s senior prom, we concluded that the best time to go is about 4-7 months in advance, but 4 is potentially risky. Due to unpredictable shipping times, alterations, and the time it takes to get accessories, not having a dress early enough can lead to major issues down the road. One student recalled last year’s prom when she did not get her dress early enough: it arrived in the store two days before prom in the wrong color. Students also agreed that the earlier you go, the more options you have. Since a lot of prom dresses tend to be very similar, many girls risk having a “dress twin” at prom – but going early prevents anyone else from getting the dress you want, as you have already been noted as the registered owner for your school. While this spreadsheet of dress-owners is not shared between all of the stores, having a dress before anyone else allows you to advertise your dress, ensuring no one else gets the same one. 

When it comes to getting a prom dress, earlier is better. In regard to junior prom, the perfect dress is not as important, but for senior girls, their prom dress is extremely meaningful – so having the right one makes the difference.