An Honest Review of “The Last of Us”


Image by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas via Pexels

By Charles Scott, Staff Writer

The Last Of Us is a television series that explores a dysfunctional father and daughter’s bond as they strive to make their way through the zombie apocalypse.

The series’ first season is released on HBO Max and follows its video game counterpart mostly, expanding on some things left unexplained in the games. When the Earth’s temperature rises, fungi are able to take control over humans, leading to what could be the most realistic take on a zombie apocalypse to date.

The series follows Joel, a troubled ex-father, and Ellie, a fourteen-year-old girl immune to the zombie virus. They set out on their journey when Joel is given the responsibility of transporting Ellie to a group of scientists so they can use her blood to develop some form of cure. The dynamic between these two characters is explored and developed through the different struggles and adventures they face while making their way through what’s left of their world.

The Last Of Us does an incredible job at keeping you on edge and pulling at your heartstrings as you follow these two and those they meet along their journey. With a great narrative, high budget, amazing set design, and perfect casts. The Last Of Us is something you don’t wanna miss! Every episode is filled to the rim with well paced action and character development making sure you are never bored. Whether you’re a drama, zombie, or action fan The Last Of Us will consistently keep you coming back for more!