The Humble Origins of April Fools’ Day


Image by John Nail via Pexels

As of writing this, it would be April 1, 2023, which is April Fools’ day. So in honor of the day, I’ll give you a little history lesson on how it came to be.

Historians believe that April Fools’ originated in 1582, when France switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian calendar. In the Julian Calendar, the new year began around April 1. Since there was no internet or any source of communication long distance, there were some people who didn’t know the new year got moved to January 1. These people were called “April Fools”, and would be pranked with paper fish, which symbolized being a gullible person (in reference to easily fish are caught). Holidays like these are always fun but we should remember where they come from so we can have a better understanding of everything around us.