A Bird Without a Mate


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

I used to believe in the word “love”

But now I’m not sure

I always thought when you’re in love good stuff will happen to you

But I experienced the pain love can bring to you

I once meet the love of my dreams, she was beautiful as a dove

But now the love of my life is gone, she flew away from me with her white angelic wings with another to a faraway place I don’t know of

If I could meet her again I would want to be by her side flying beside her 

I would want things to be different, I want her to see that I changed I’m not the hideous black crow that I used to be

I never got the chance because she is probably with a better dove with bigger wings and a bigger beak than me someone that could treat her better

But I really want to move on but I can’t I keep thinking about all those precious memories we had together flying up in the bright sky

I can’t let my tangled thoughts of her bind my wings anymore.  I must let it go. Her go. 

But I can just find another dove just as angelic and beautiful as her

I won’t I swore my love to her and loyalty only to her

But I might be considered to be a lonely dove 

I used to be a lovers boy flying away up in the bright sky all happy as I could be

But now I’m not sure.