Zero is Better Than One: A Dramatic Monologue About a Crumbling Friendship


Image by Daria Usanova via Pexels

Context: The character who is talking is Melody Stone. She’s talking to her lifelong best friend Tisa Pime. Time after time she has been blown off or forgotten by Tisa and she has had enough. 


Tisa, look, I don’t care that you have other friends, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about me. If you would like to, that’s fine, but a little heads-up would have been nice. Week after week, I make plans with you just for you to either cancel them or just completely forget about them. See, that’s the thing with you. You are so forgetful, and not in the way that it’s concerning or that it’s just you forgetting a test or homework assignment here or there. No, it’s you forgetting because you don’t care. You never want to talk, you never want to text, and you never even open my snaps. This is the first time I have gotten to speak with you in 3 weeks, and we go to the same school. If we pass each other in the hallway, you look at your phone or the floor. If I say hi, you pretend not to hear me. You quit the clubs we were in together, and you never sit with me at lunch anymore. Tisa, you are the only friend I have left. Everyone else has their own little friend group. While I am just here, sitting alone on the bleachers, eating my lunch. Do you know I am best friends with my cousin now? My cousin is 5 years younger than me! But she’s the only one who will talk and hang out with me. And sure, maybe we have to play Roblox and play with dolls, but anything’s better than sitting alone in my room wishing to have someone to talk to. I would rather have no friends than one who pretends I don’t exist anymore. And I guess if I don’t exist to you anymore, I was never really your friend anyway. And before you try to apologize by saying you are busy with family, I know you are lying because you forgot to take me off your private story on Snapchat. I kept my mouth shut, but I have had enough. Goodbye, Tisa Pime. I hope to never see you again. Oh, and say hi to your mother for me; she was always really nice.