Humans Of Boro: Mr. Mogilski

By Samantha Mistretta, Editor

“What was your favorite experiment that you have conducted?”

“Here at the Boro?”

“Either here, throughout college, or whenever.”

“Ooo my favorite experiment, that’s hard. Here I think I like doing the roller skates stuff. Mainly because you guys really enjoy it, but also because it allows other students in this school to see what we do in this class, and it kind of gets underclassmen excited to take physics at some point. And I think it’s really visual, you guys get to see how motion actually works for a real object. My favorite experiment that I did in college was, I took a radio astronomy course and we got to go to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in West Virginia and we were calculating what’s called the microwave radio background or radio microwave background, I can’t remember the wording of it. But it is basically the remnants of the Universe, it’s the beginning of the Universe and you can track where the energy is, from that, using these radio telescopes it’s really cool, and that was really fun, so I think that was my favorite experiment that I ever had to do.”

-Mr. Mogilski