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Interview with a Freshman
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     Coming into high school as a freshman is a nerve-racking experience that everyone goes through. There are so many expectations, both positive and negative, about entering high school. Thinking about pressures such as schoolwork and making new friends is a stressful experience that we’ve all had. 

     So, how better to find out about a freshman’s expectations versus their experiences in high school than by interviewing a freshman? Diya Gohil is a freshman at Freehold Boro High School and is a part of the med-sci magnet program. I asked Diya what her initial expectations were coming into freshman year. 


Diya: “My initial expectations coming into freshman year were so different from how it really is. I was scared to be judged by everyone and scared that I wasn’t going to fit in. I was terrified of meeting my teachers, and I thought they would be rude and mean. I was worried about going into such a big school, where everyone already had their groups. The reality was that high school is nothing like that at all. I wasn’t judged at all, and I felt as if I already fit in. My teachers are all so nice, and I feel so much more comfortable around them. Since the start of freshman year, almost nobody had a group, and it was nice finding my own. The school was hard to navigate at first, but I have fun finding new spots early in the morning with my friends.”


Jiya: “Actually, I had the same experience. My expectations were pretty similar to yours. When I came into high school as a freshman, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends and that I wouldn’t fit in. Yes, it did take me a while to make friends and fit in, but I did. Some of the expectations I had of high school were a lot different from what I experienced, just like you. What was the most challenging aspect of transitioning to high school life?”


Diya: “The most challenging aspect of transitioning to high school life was dealing with all the new work I’m being given. I found it hard to manage all of it at first, and sometimes I still do. I think the way I overcame it was by doing everything little by little. I found that getting other classwork done in my other classes helped me manage my homework load at home. I often have little to no work to do during history, so in the meantime, I finish up any homework I am given. The amount of homework I receive now is a lot more than what I had before, so I try to do as much as I can in school.”


Jiya: “I agree, there’s a lot more homework in high school than there is in middle school. I used to get a lot of homework from my honors biology teacher in freshman year and I wasn’t used to doing and receiving as much work as I got. I started doing my homework in the classes that I had free time in. So far, what is the most memorable or exciting event that you have participated in?”


Diya: “The most memorable event that I have participated in was going to the homecoming football game, and probably all the memories I already made in my classes. During the homecoming game, I went with one of my friends who goes to a different school, and it was nice being with her again. Although I mainly talked to her and a few other people, I loved how everyone cared and wore pink for the theme. All the small funny arguments during classes are something that I always think about and remember. All the time when I get lost in the halls with my friends there will be something I will remember that I know I will be laughing about later.”


Jiya: “During my freshman year, I sadly didn’t go to any events due to COVID. But I just know that I will also be laughing at the times that I got lost in the halls and was too scared to ask anyone and tried to find my classes myself and would be late for them. How has your academic journey been so far?”


Diya: “My academic journey has been good. I’ve been getting all my work done, and although it is hard, I found people who can help me study and push myself even more. My coursework has been challenging, but I’m sure it will get easier. My teachers have been really nice and funny, especially my AP biology teacher. I feel like the teachers in high school are a lot nicer and more open with their students. My study habits are improving, and my friends being in the same program as me have been influencing me to study better and push myself harder. I feel that the friends I have made will help me become a better student in the future.”


Jiya: “I’m glad to hear that. I agree with the fact that teachers in high school are more open and closer with their students compared to middle school. Have you joined any sports or clubs so far?” 


Diya: “I have only joined HOSA so far, but I’m looking forward to joining more activities in the future. It’s been really fun so far, although I’ve only been to the interest meeting. My friends are also in the club, so it’ll be more enjoyable. HOSA seems like a really interesting club, and I’m excited to go to more meetings in the future.”


Jiya: “I am also in HOSA, and it is in fact a really fun club. You get to go to competitions and learn more knowledge about the medical field. In HOSA, you get so many opportunities to volunteer and gain more experience in the medical field. There are so many clubs in Freehold High School such as the Newspaper Club, Earth club, Asian Club, Model UN, etc. What is something that you have learned so far in your freshman year?” 


Diya: “Something I have learned from freshman year is not to worry about making friends. I came from a completely different middle school and only had one of my friends from there who came with me. I ended up having more friends than I thought, and I feel so comfortable around them. I feel like that’s such a big worry for freshmen coming into high school. I was so scared of changing schools but I’m so happy that I’m going to Boro now.”


Jiya: “That was also one of my biggest worries, that I wouldn’t be able to make new friends. I had a really big friend group within a few weeks and every year, we keep adding people to our friend group. What is some advice that you would give to future freshmen?”


Diya: “Some advice I would give is to join school activities and to be involved. I would also tell them to pay attention in class and do all their work. I would tell them to ask for help the moment they feel like they need it and to have someone they can come to if they start to fall behind. I would also tell them to find a group of friends they feel comfortable with.”


Jiya: “I love that advice. I could’ve really used it my freshman year. Lol. Thank you so much Diya for being a part of my interview and giving me your time and patience.”

Diya: “Thank you for having me, Jiya!” 

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Jiya Sharma
Jiya Sharma, Staff Writer
Jiya Sharma is a Junior at Freehold Boro High School. She is part of the Health Professions Pathway Program. Jiya also is part of 2 dance teams at Aatma Performing Arts. She wants to be a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future. Jiya is a part of a couple of clubs in school such as Earth Club, Asian Club, Newspaper Club, HOSA, and Model UN. Jiya loves to travel and hopes to go on a world tour in the future. 

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