Climate Change



Climate change is defined as a change in global or regional climate patterns. With use of fossil fuels in the 20th century, climate change is the beginning of the start of the end of the Earth as we know it. Climate change not only affects the climate patterns but it affects the economy, wildlife, human beings and the ecosystem.  

When hurricanes hit, they cause massive economic problems and even kill hundreds of innocent people. Between rising sea levels, wildfires, extreme drought, and even more issues, the world is changing as we know it. There are many different ways that we could help the planet in times like these, some of which are described below. Although it takes many to make a big impact, one person can make a big difference too!

Some of the many things we could do is to reduce plastic production. Doing so would result in a decrease of both air and land pollution, and would force people into using reusable bottles, containers, etc. Something that can be done on an individual level is to use reusable shopping bags, buy metal or reusable water bottles and make sure to recycle.