Popular Gifts for Teens


By Claudia Ray, Staff Writer

For the Holidays in 2020 many of our normal traditions have been broken due to COVID-19. However many kids were still fortunate enough to receive the gifts that they had asked for. Normally as your children grow up, you start to see a pattern of fewer gifts but they are more expensive. You should always remember that whatever you get you should be grateful no matter what because there are some children that are unfortunate to receive these gifts. 

List for teenage girls:

  1. Revlon one step blow drying brush
  2. Lighted Makeup mirror
  3. Wall tapestries 
  4. New iPhone 11
  5. Polaroid and instant film. 

Like I said for teens there seems to be a trend of fewer gifts, but they are more expensive. There has been a new following that teenage girls tend to follow of wanting their hair to look like some famous tik tokers as they release their secret of the Revlon blow-drying one-step brush. These tend to market from anyone of $40.00- $50.00 The lighted Makeup mirror ranges from $29.99-$32.99. Many girls like the hippie vibes in their rooms so they love to hang up wall tapestries which range from $14.00-$2500. The iPhone 11 starts at about $599.00 which comes with amazing camera qualities and new updated features. A Polaroid camera has been seen at many parties to take pictures of the moment starting at $92.00.

List for teenage boys:

  1. PS5
  2. Madden 20
  3. Razor Electric Skateboard
  4. Portable charger
  5. JBL waterproof portable speaker. 

Teenage boys tend to always want the newer version of their game console that they play on, and PlayStation players got lucky this year. The PlayStation five. They launched in November and went on the market for about $399.00, this sold out within days so it was very hard to find. Playing Madden 2020, the pictures make it seem like you are in a real stadium watching or even playing the game. This can be found for about $30.00. The electric skateboard can reach up to about 12 miles per hour and the battery can last up to 40 minutes of riding, however, the price is about $406. A portable charger is essential when you’re on the move for about $50 dollars. These speakers give off a great sound and are good for any environment and are sold for about $79.00.

Although these gifts can be very pricey, if you were not able to afford them it is only about the time that matters on the holidays, and who you spend it with.