A New Year, What Does this mean?


Photo courtesy of Sincerely Media via Unsplash (a photo sharing website)

By Sofia Stivale, Staff Writer

With all the craziness of 2020, what should we expect out of a new year? Last year was one of the most insane years of history. I feel as though my expectations for this year are awfully low, thanks to the mishaps of 2020. Nevertheless, I believe that we should be full of hope for this new year, and all we can accomplish in the next 12 months.

Just because it is a new year does not mean that the global pandemic will randomly disappear or that everything is going to be perfect. We still have many problems to deal with from the previous year, but that doesn’t mean we should be void of hope.  The start of a new year fills people with hope and the courage to fulfill dreams that may have fallen to the wayside in previous years. Many people will create new years resolutions, varying from getting healthier to learn how to play an instrument. This year should be looked at as one full of potential to grow and to learn.