The Debate on HOCO Dance


Homecoming is a traditional event that takes place in most high schools. There is usually a parade, football game, semi-formal dance, and the coronation of a homecoming queen and king.

Freehold High School’s homecoming will take place on Saturday, October 16th. A parade featuring the school’s marching band and cheerleading team will be taking place before the Colonials’ match against the Manalapan Braves. The parade and game have remained the same, however, due to the pandemic, the homecoming dance has changed this year. The football game is expected to end at around three in the afternoon, and the dance will immediately be taking place after. Instead of the usual formality, it will be an informal, party-type event as students are expected to wear Boro pride attire. In addition, the dance will be taking place outdoors on the soccer field rather than inside the main gym.

Several students at Boro have varied opinions about the homecoming dance situation; some are excited to have one in the midst of the current pandemic, while others are upset by the conditions of the situation. 

A member of the colorguard shared: “I’m mad because I probably won’t even get the chance to go to the ‘dance’ because it interferes with the football game, and I’ll be participating with the colorguard.” 

Another student stated, “Homecoming [dance] is now way too early– you can’t even dress up and you have to pay. I’d rather hang out with my friends someplace else for free.”

Although the 2021 Homecoming Dance at FHS may be different in the sense of time and location, it could be a way to give high school students some normalcy and unity during this time of the pandemic.