Meow for Emilee’s Cats


All four cats, snuggled up on a comfy bed. Rebekah (front), Kol (left), Niklaus (back), and Itty Bitty (right).

By Elizabeth DAntonio and Sophia DAntonio

Meet staff writer Emilee Bower’s cats: Rebekah, Niklaus, Itty Bitty, and Kol! Kol, Rebekah, and Niklaus are three kittens whom Emilee took in to foster in October 2020. While Rebekah is very shy, Niklaus and Kol enjoy attention from new friends! Itty Bitty is almost four years old, and was rescued by Emilee’s family in 2017; she has been a part of their family since then. The four cats are loved by their humans who cannot wait to watch them all grow up!