The Impact of Social Media Influencers

Credit: Upsplash, scyther5

Credit: Upsplash, scyther5

No matter how much adults might not want to believe it, it’s true that growing up in today’s society is nothing like what it was 40 years ago. Technology has made it possible for pictures, news, and other media to surface to millions of people all over the world within seconds. People who become popular on the internet by getting an extensive number of views and followers are considered “social media influencers.” YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are just a few examples of platforms influencers that have popped up throughout the years.

So what commonality do all of these people have that allows them to become influential in today’s society? To be quite frank, appearance is a huge factor. These people project the best versions of themselves to the teenagers of today’s society. Full hair and makeup, in designer brands claiming this is how they are every single day. While this is incredibly unrealistic, it has been seen that many teenagers who look up to these influencers end up destroying themselves because they believe in the false reality of perfectionism that these influencers have given off. When you watch someone live a “perfect” life, you wish you could be more like them and therefore frown upon your own life, appearance, social status, etc. It is an unfortunate reality of today’s day and age.

Though I must say, not all social media influencers have a negative impact. Some influencers are much more vulnerable about their day-to-day life. Many viewers find comfort in seeing that life is not as glamorous for these influencers as they make it seem. A perfect example of that would be influencer Emma Chamberlain. Emma posts podcasts and YouTube videos discussing more honest topics such as mental health. Many look up to Chamberlain for her honesty and sincerity.

So as we grow up in this modern age of technology, it is so important to remember that nothing is as wonderful as influencers make them look to us. Everyone has bad days and everyone has insecurities. At the end of the day, it is of most significance to be able to overcome the bad and look for the good no matter the circumstances.