The Most Wonderful Time


The holiday season is commonly referred to as the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but what is the “Most Wonderful Time” of the school year? Most would think of June for the near-ending of school or March/April for spring break. However, the autumn months go most underappreciated– most specifically, November.

After a long summer break and a hectic return to school in September, students and teachers face a long October with no days off. Such a long span of work with only breaks on the usual weekends, it is easy for them to fall into slumps or burnout. 

Thankfully, November is up next to save us from the disaster! The month may not have a long break like winter break in December, but there are nice, long weekends to aid the balance between school and personal life. As the sugar-high comes to an end after Halloween, we are in for a nice month that will transition us into the holiday season.