2022: 2020, too…?


Image by Debby Hudson via Unsplash

By Elizabeth DAntonio, Staff Writer

As we are now nearly two years into the global pandemic, it feels as if the passage of time is no longer real. For some students, they were in middle school when the pandemic started, and after an extended spring break, they are almost halfway through high school. For others, they haven’t had one normal high school year yet; the 2019-2020 school year was unprecedented as the world went into lockdown when we neared the second half of the school year. 

Could that possibly be happening again? Covid cases were scarily high when we first went into quarantine, but now, two years later, the cases are still skyrocketing– this time, with more contagious variants, causing many students and teachers to have to quarantine again. 

Entering the new year, many people are drawing comparisons to 2020 and coined a play on words: “2022= 2020, too.” It is not the most fun idea, but it is hard not to see the similarities. Personally, I don’t appreciate the comparison because the hard lockdown 2020 is not something that I would like to revisit. I think that instead of drawing comparisons to the past, we should continue doing the work to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. Hopefully, that can help lower COVID cases and 2022 can be the year where things turn around.