Are TV Shows Better than Movies?

Image by Carol Graise

Image by Carol Graise

This decision really depends on your preference; most would agree with this statement because TV shows tend to be longer and create a more detailed and intriguing plot, and there’s more time devoted to the storyline, which tends to be more realistic than just a typical 120-minute movie. However, those who prefer movies would rather spend two hours watching a movie over an unknown, extended period of time watching a television series. 

TV shows usually have many seasons with multiple episodes, and they are better written and directed. These series have larger audiences; therefore, more effort is put into producing them to ensure their fans are hooked and engaged. In addition, viewers can also create emotional attachments to the storyline and the characters. 

I personally think that TV shows are much better than movies; I love character development throughout the various series I have seen. I also enjoy watching a storyline develop over a period of time, not just everything in one sitting; I feel that it’s much more realistic that way. Movies typically focus on one main overarching theme with the same characters, but shows can be much more flexible. There are usually several conflicts and characters in shows that are much more intriguing than one main conflict.

Once again, this opinion is merely based on your preference and what you find more entertaining.