NJ Mask Mandate Lifted


Image by Kobby Mendez via Unsplash

We’ve reached the day and age where masks are finally becoming an option. On March 7th, 2022, the mask mandate will be lifted in New Jersey, including schools and public spaces. Will this decision lead to chaos or has the COVID chapter ended? Full faces can finally be seen! Teachers will be able to see their student’s full faces for the first time ever. It seems very full circle considering March 2020, when the masks become required, but now in March 2022, the mandate in NJ will be lifted. 

Most are excited that now they have an option whether or not they’d like to wear their masks, while several others are frightened whether this decision could lead to another outbreak. But if the mandate has been approved to be lifted, significant research has had to be done to conclude that wearing face masks is not a necessity now. 

When asked, some people said they’d continue wearing masks at least for now to see how it plays out. Others are planning to keep it on only the days their skin looks bad. However, many are sick of wearing masks and find them a hassle and difficult, making it hard to breathe and speak clearly. Ones against the mask mandate are excited to take them off and finally get to see everyone’s pearly whites!

Overall, this new mask mandate is exciting news considering how it has been two years since they were required! For it to be lifted next week is both thrilling and frightening. I guess we’ll see if we can finally have some normalcy or if it’s too soon!