School Morning Routine


Image by Julian Hochgesang via Unsplash

Let me be honest, most of us students loathe waking up at 6 am just to go to school and learn something that will not benefit us in our lives. We often find ourselves groggily turning off our alarms, rolling out (sometimes literally) of bed, and half-sleepingly get ready for the day. However, there are multiple ways for people to get enough sleep so they are ready for the next morning. 

The first one is the most obvious: sleep is necessary. Going to sleep early can benefit so much as many teenagers don’t get a lot of sleep due to homework, getting distracted by their phones, or leisure time. Try your best to go to bed one hour earlier as you will definitely have a little more energy waking up compared to going to bed past midnight.

Although, if you need to stay up late for an assignment, you can also try to change your morning routine. For example, studies have revealed that having breakfast earlier can give you a lot of energy, which can help you wake up. 

Finally, you could read a book to help get the brain circuits going, which makes you think about something else to drift you off to sleep. 

People need more sleep as they are more focused on school work which can lead to better grades in school.