Warm or Cold Weather?


Image by Sergey Shmidt via Unsplash

March 21st marked the spring solstice! Hopefully, the warm weather will start to roll in, which begs the question: do you prefer warm or cold weather? 

Usually, those that enjoy the cold weather would rather wear comfortable puffy clothes like hoodies and sweats. On the other hand, those who prefer warm weather most likely prefer wearing shorts and t-shirts. Likewise, those that enjoy the cold may like snow, rain, and the cold, misty air. The ones that prefer warm weather might love the beach and sunshine– like me!

Additionally, studies have shown that generally, those who like the warm weather describe themselves as being outgoing, affectionate, and warm. And the opposite, those who like the cold weather describe themselves as shy and quiet. Now, these are just a few general studies! As someone who prefers warm weather, sometimes all I want is a good snow day. 

The warm weather encourages health and is a mood booster but the cold weather brings families together under one roof. So given the information provided, I’ll have you decide which one you prefer!