Senioritis? More like Junioritis


Photo by Tony Tran via Unsplash

By Sahaana Shastri, Staff Writer

So, many people all over the world have been long awaiting the last day of school. But personally as a junior myself, I feel we have been needing it to end the most. COVID was such a shake up in our lives and extremely lowered our expectations by a lot. Before entering junior year, many said, “Junior year will be your hardest year, so be prepared!” I didn’t believe them, and no one else took it seriously. They were right. Junior year really hit me hard. AP classes started, studying for the SAT’s took way, and new standardized tests were implemented as graduation requirements. One after the other, back to back, didn’t let anyone catch up and take a breather. It was like, over COVID they compressed everything and threw it all back at us after it was over. This was why we stopped trying and started to not care.