The E.A.R.T.H. Club – an Interview with Freehold Boro’s Newest Club


By Jenna Elsamman, Co-Editor

The Earth: the place we humans call our home. It is also the only planet in the known universe able to harbor life. Yet, many of us take the Earth for granted. Our precious world is currently in the midst of a climate crisis because of the mistreatment of our land and resources. But luckily, there are some that still vow to protect and preserve it.

Shaina Mitra and Samantha Page are among those people. And thanks to their endorsement from Mrs. Sandoval, a club for those like Mitra and Page can inspire others to protect our planet. Samantha and Shaina are both sophomores at Freehold High School studying culinary arts and computer science, respectively. I was given the opportunity to sit down with the two and gather their thoughts and feelings on the matter while spreading the news about their new club to the readers of The Colonial.

Jenna: Can you tell me what made you want to start this club?

Shaina: I remember I wanted to start a club, but I wanted it to be a meaningful club… I wanted to make a change in this school.

Sam: And we thought about all the stuff that’s going on in the Earth because we were learning about that everywhere else [Science and Model UN].

Jenna: Also, what can any of you tell me about your club’s name?

Shaina: Oh it has a meaning, it’s Environmental Actions Rescuing The Habitat.

Jenna: What do you guys hope to achieve with this club?

Sam: Well, it’d be great if we were able to encourage people to take care of the Earth.

Shaina: Yeah, and we hope to do a lot of Earth-conscious activities for this club in the future.

Jenna: What are any of you doing outside this club to benefit the Earth?

Shaina: Of course, I do small things like turn the sink off when brushing my teeth.

Sam: I turn off all the lights when I’m not using them to conserve energy, and I have a garden at my house.

Shaina: Oh, and I drink from a metal water bottle!

Sam: Me too!

Jenna: What club activity ideas do you guys have so far?

Sam: Composting!

Shaina: We have a lot but we are still looking for more! Things like selling reusable items, like water bottles, are one of the best ways to encourage other students.

Jenna: And finally, is there anything the readers of The Colonial can do at home to help our planet?

Sam: Start a garden in your backyard! It’s a really easy way to give back to our environment.

Shaina: Look into ecobricking and recycling plastic and paper items!

Sam: Volunteer to help clean the Earth at beaches, and try planting trees nearby.

Shaina: Yeah, you don’t even have to volunteer; if you just see a piece of trash, pick it up and throw it out! 

Sam: Yeah definitely don’t litter!

After sitting down with these two I can definitely say that I’m looking forward to their future activities and projects. And even though I only spent a couple of minutes with them, I honestly felt their sincerity and wished them and their club success. If there are truly more people like Shaina and Sam, our planet just might stand a fighting chance.