Is Being in a Club or Sport Worth It?


Image by Unsplash, a free photosharing site

By Mollie Bowers, Staff Writer

Over the years, the question has always lingered whether or not participating in a club or sport was worth the time. In my personal opinion, being a part of a club or sport is worth the extra time and effort because it will have a positive impact on your life and future.

For one thing, joining a club or sport can broaden your social network. There are many people in clubs and you are able to meet so many new people that way. Clubs and sports generally consist of kids from all grades, giving you the opportunity to meet upperclassmen who can help guide you through high school. 

If you are an individual deciding on whether or not you would like to attend college, colleges typically look at your participation in school activities. They like to see that you were involved in school and that you take pride in your school community – and joining different clubs will help you stand out from other applicants. 

Lastly, club participation is a leisure activity that is usually fun. Clubs are much more laid back than school, and you are able to be yourself and have fun doing something you love. You might be thinking, “Well none of the clubs at my school interest me.” That is okay because you can always make your own club too!