Tutoring: An Important Step to Success


Photo by Kampus Production via Pexels

Have you ever struggled with specific or multiple subjects in school? Well, I had that same problem – leading me to look for a private tutor.

I wasn’t a fan of being tutored, since I’m pretty stubborn – and the idea of being tutored made me feel like I was dumber than before. At that time I was struggling with multiplication in the tens; I didn’t even know where to start! My tutor came to the rescue, teaching me a special trick that made it so much easier for me to understand how multiplication works.

From then on, I took my tutor much more seriously. I have learned a lot of things from her – and not just about academics, but about life in general.

Although my tutoring days are over, I will forever remember my tutor for all she has done to help me improve, both in academics and in life.